Rivals Times not being recorded on Leader Board

I have been racing D class rivals using a Mini Cooper. After beating my next rival I go to the leader board to check my standing and The only thing recorded is my previous time recorded with a Honda.

I thought maybe it was just that race so I tried another track. This time I beat my rival and when I go to the leader board there is no time recorded. Why are my times not get posted to the leaderboards?

As mentioned I am using a Mini Cooper. I did download a tune initially, but I undid that tune by reverting to default settings and started over with my own custom upgrades and tune. When doing my upgrade I did notice that I could not install the turbo upgrades even though I had already purchased them. Why am I unable to install the turbo upgrade?


The mini cooper is banned.

There is a glitch that makes the car stupid fast. Unfortunately this glitch effects many cars including the Mazda rx3.

If I was you I wouldn’t bother hotlapping lower classes due to the large number of cars that are affected.

If it is banned, it would be nice if they would remove all the invalid lap times.

They should eventually
Those times were up before they got banned

Is there a list of banned cars around?

I haven’t seen a full list anywhere.

Here’s a few that I know of:

Mini '65
Fiat X1/9
Abarth 595 esseesse
Mazda RX3 EDIT: I made a mistake. This car isn’t banned yet. Can still post leaderboard times and be used in multiplayer. It certainly should be banned though. It’s about as broken as the Mini is

There are a lot more that should be banned from posting times as well as being used in multiplayer. Some of the above are not even banned from multiplayer in all classes. Someone kept using a 595 esseesse in a C class lobby the other night. Can’t post LB times with it, but apparently you can still use it in multiplayer. smh

It’s a big issue they need to fix, but it’s something that someone should have noticed in testing before release. Makes me wonder if anything was actually tested.

Microsoft involvement just about guarantees that for the first few months we’re all unpaid beta testers never had an upgrade of their operating systems that didn’t need masses of security upgrades right from the day they are released. Why should games be any different and I believe this is why they are rushing digital downloads and doing away with physical versions because lets face it they couldn’t rush out untested games when they were on a disc but you can digitally and supply patches as and when they can be bothered to supply them. I realise digital is the future of gaming but I believe many game suppliers and programmers are not fully ready yet and this is why so many games are hacked and modded within days of release as there security is sadly lacking hopefully as the digital scene develops program security will be higher up there list that it seems to be at the moment.