Leaderboards in rivals not updating

I’ve been trying E class on Yas and a few other tracks and my times aren’t being updated (not one of them), not my clean or dirty laps.
Is there a server issue or a setting my end?

Which car model?

Old Mini cooper

That car is banned from leaderboards & online due to RWD/AWD swap + race diff glitch tunes.

Yet it’s all over the leaderboards. Sure would be nice if everyone was subject to the same rules…



Those times were set before the cars were banned. They will be wiped before long.

Additionally a few were set with PI of around 301-302 in c class (c class tops out at 400) just to prove that these cars were broken.

Ok thanks.

I had the same problem on RIO last night in a E class Abarth. I got clean 42.3 sec laps and nothing shows up. ??


I read the Read Me completely and See that the Abarth is one of the banned cars. I completely understand Turn10’s desire to clean up their game and make it fair for all.

A Question about this issue would be: Is it possible to ban tune/builds that use both the Race Diff (set at 100%) and a drivetrain swap instead of banning cars? The tune that I was using did have a Race Diff (set at 78/63) but I didn’t use a drivetrain swap. My time was in the top 15~20% range; definitely not a glitched time. So why should some players who are not ‘cheating’ be penalized for players who are?

It’s easier to do an across the board ban until they know for sure that there are no other exploits for the car. They will then wipe all the times for the car to make sure they aren’t missing one.

It may not be fair to you, but it’s the most efficient way to ensure that the problem is quarantined.

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This all makes perfect sense and it’s good to see Turn 10 jumped on the problem quickly. Swerve, you seem to know what’s going on more than most. What is your source for info from Turn 10, as I, like many other have some tasty times on the leaderboards and can’t wait to see how it all looks when it is stripped of glitched cars. Any ideas as to when this might be happening ?

FM4 wipes. There were several issues, but the biggest was swaping the viper engine into one of the Dodge muscle cars. The swap lowered the car’s PI and the thing dominated all leaderboards as result. All times for that car were wiped and the PI effects of the upgrade were fixed.

That is just one example. There have been many.others.

As for timing, it depends on how widespread the problem is and how to fix it. The problem in this game seems a bit more complex so it may take a while. It appears to me that there is something wrong with upgrades and physics calculatuons which could lead to a serious overhaul.

If it’s too complex to fix every car, it’s possible only the cars that receive the most benefit will be patched.

I too will have some killer times too with room to go on some cars!

The 65 Mini, the Fiat X19 and the Fiat abarth are all currently banned from the leaderboards due to a drivetrain swap-differential glitch and at some point in the future the leaderboards will be wiped of offending times, the times currently up there for these cars are before the ban was put in place.

Ah, was wondering why my E class times were not showing (using an x1/9 ) did not realise there was a glitch as used stock version - damn, I love that car too - will just have to try a different car for now then! Ho hum!


When they will clean the Problem ? It`s not funny to Play the game at this Point…

So Should I expect my favorite B class car to be suddenly nerfed? :frowning:

Which car is that?

Ah this really helped i was using the '65 Mini Cooper (C Class) to post a Lap Time that would have gave me a 4th Place Lap at a Track and got Quite Frustrated when it wasn’t posting