Rivals hot lap time(s) not registering

I’m not sure if anyone else is having this issue. I will run a rival hot lap, beat the rival and then it pops the same rival time up again and no matter how much faster I go the time is never updated. For example, the rival has a dirty lap time score. I run a clean lap at a faster time than the rival and it never takes. When I complete the run and go back to the rivals menu my lap time is not recorded on the leader boards.

Anyone else having this issue?

It is my understanding that there are some glitch cars out there that won’t register a time on the leaderboard. I don’t know all the details on them but I’ve seen mention of this. What car are you driving in what class?

It was E and D class, and I was using my own tuned Cooper65 (which is what the leader board was dominated with). I have no idea what “glitch cars” are, I assume a cheat of some sort?

Edit: I just ran a search for “glitched cars” and from what I gather, the E and D class is full of them (for whatever reason). I’ll run some different cars and see what happens.

Actually I believe it’s if you race with ANY kind of mod - even ones that don’t affect performance, you’ll not get a leaderboard time.

with Mods you do get leaderboard times but they are automatically dirty…all mods

the banned cars dont register on the leaderboards…the times from them already on there are from before they were banned

in the low classes there is an AWD conversion that makes cars like the mini, fiat, and rx3 go a bit faster then they should.

when patched the mini will still dominated D Class leaderboards - but it will be a fast accel, grippy car, with no top speed - not tires spinning goin 160mph down the straight.

So if you are in one of thaose cars they won;t post to LB.

@T10 - you know you could just make a patch that stops everyone from doing AWD conversions - wipe the LB and let us get back to it… and when you figure it out patch and allow AWD conversions again.

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I did the RWD drive conversion on the Mini so I’m not sure if they are blocking all times by the Mini or not (I never considered doing an AWD swap). If they are, the rest of the Mini’s should get wiped from the LB yes?

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It sounds like they blocked the minis from posting new times but haven’t wiped existing times (yet)?

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Yeah all minis, fiats X (something or other) are banned from LBs

Not sure the data is there to determine conversions - so ban across the board for the car. It’s should just be a lot more cars that are banned (lower class awd glitch)

After patch. Mini will become right ful lb car of d class again except speed tracks But until the wipe. Even legit tunes don’t work for LBs.

This was happening to me in the lower classes, but only on the Alps courses. But it seems to have been corrected.

Theres at least 4 cars blocked from registering on the leaderboards now
Mini '65
Fiat X1/9
Abarth 595 esseesse
Mazda RX3

They will eventually be patched then current glitched times wiped from the leaderboards

The next patch is probably gonna be a big one