E-Class Rivals, Not Recording Lap Times

I have been setting up my Drivatar on the E-Class Rivals, and my times are not recorded on the Leaderboards. Every time I run an E-Class Rival Race I am up against the same car. I am completing clean laps as well. There has not been an issue with any other Rivals Class.


What car are u using ? Mini? Abarth? Fiat?


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I have the same problem with the MINI on all C & D class tracks.

I have the same problem with the MINI on all C & D class tracks.

It’s banned because it’s glitched.

You can use the rx3 as it still posts time and has the same glitch. But times in that car and likely every other glitchable car will be wiped.

Theres 4 cars banned from the leaderboards
Abarth essence
Fiat 1/9
Mazda rx3

I am driving the Mazda RX3, and it does post to the C & D class leaderboards. All my A & S class cars are posting as well. The only car so far not posting for me is the MINI, and yet the top leaderboards for C & D class cars are well populated with the MINI.

I have tried the MINI on a fair sample of all the tracks, and although the banner alerting me that I have beat my next rival does show, at the end of the race my result is not represented on the leaderboard.

Thank you. I appreciate the input.

New times for the Mini will not post to the leaderboards. All the times on there are from prior to the ban. Once T10 resolves the issue with the cars they will wipe those times from the leaderboards. Just give it some time.

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I had a feeling the going to wipe all the times.