Rivals / Leader boards question

Hi all,

I’m a little confused how you check the leader boards for races and bucket list events. If I remember correctly, in Horizon 1 after each race you were given the ‘rivals’ option (like in Horizon 2) but were also given the option to change rival, where you could see the leader boards and select your rival from there. I don’t see this in Horizon 2, or am I just missing it??

Also, from the menu, selecting ‘rivals’ gives the message ‘you have no rivals’, so what is this for?

And how do you see the leader boards for the bucket list challenges?

So far I believe the only leader boards I have come across are for speed cameras. There must be more??

And am I correct in thinking that after you complete a race, that race is then removed from the map and you can’t play it again? I have completed 3 championships but none of the races I did show on the map, so how do I race those again to beat my times? (Or do I have to go back to the Hub for that area and trigger the races again?)

I hope I’m just missing something as beating friends times is about the only thing that keeps you going in this game, the first one worked well but just a little lost on this one.

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