Where did post-race Rival suggestions go?

Does anyone else wish we could reenable the post-race Rival suggestions from Horizon 2? I thought they must’ve removed Rivals altogether until it unlocked. Even then though, I’ve found I almost never actually do rivals races anymore… Hopefully they add the suggestions again, even an an option…

I always set my fast laps in rivals mode. However I used to like the rival screen after career races as I would sometimes choose to do it from there. When you exit the event you can drive back up to the icon on the map and you have a choice to pick rivals exhibition or championship so it can be done that way.

What I would really like is the ability to check the leaderboard from the rivals start screen and select a new rival if I want. Currently you have to exit the event and then select rivals from the pause menu to check your position.

Also maybe a leaderboard view on completion of the event when you are getting your xp credits etc