Rivals suggestions

  1. make it easier to change car (and eventually buy, like in singleplayer championships) without having to exit rivals and restart it. This is really cumbersome when you want to try different cars in succession. It is even more painful if you have to buy the car.

  2. Add leaderboard filters by car (within a class). Driveclub has this and it is awesome as I was often going for top spot of specific cars, rather than the global leaderboard for all cars.


By car won’t happen. It would be a redundant leaderboard that doesn’t prove much.

A bit curious why by division wasn’t implemented like FM6.

IT would be much better if you could change car & tuning more easily for rival events.


Rivals is extremely cumbersome - just seeing what position you ended up as is a pain. Do like the new ghosts loading up. But that’s about it.

The whole point of rivals is to climb as high up the leaderboard as possible, so it does seem silly that you can’t have your result up at the end of the session. You have to exit and re enter through the pause menu. It is a pain. It would also be good to select a new rival from the start screen and also maybe switch cars but that might be too much for the game engine and how it’s set up I’m not sure. I’m glad they added a view of the routes in the menu instead of just a picture like horizon 2.