Recommend me some good A and B class lobby cars please.

However, no leaderboard cars. Also, no cars from the following manufacturers:


I say none from these because I’ve hit lvl 25 affinity with those so I’m working on the last three for the achievement.

BMW: M1. Makes a great short circuit car for Catalunya.
Chevrolet: Corvette C3, you can make a pretty well balanced car for longer tracks.
Chevrolet: Camaro '69 or '71 Both make well balanced cars.

I hope this helps and best of all, you can pick a design you like for each by clicking my sig :wink:

But seriously these are good cars, especially the M1.

I love muscle cars in B class! Check out my storefront for some ideas if you would like. Storefront link is down below

Get Johnson’s Chevelle tune - seriously… I think its my all time favorite car to drive…

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Thank you sir!

Camaros and Corvettes

any of the tuned by worm cars are rather good basic type lobby cars. probably a little more grip tuned and ya might very well get caught in some straight long stretches but you will def get a little advantage in corners. TGWormburner tunes are the Worm’s personal tunes are really nice as well. set a bunch of my personal bests ( which are no way amazing! but good for me) i do like some of raceboys stuff as well. i find a certain tuner may nail this car and then i drive another car of his and i dont like it. TG Takumi is that way for sure…no disrespect meant at all but some of his cars i love and some feel like i just got punked! :slight_smile:

a lot of trial and error IMO

and i will be grabbing Johnsons chevelle when i get home…if someone is gonna go out of their way and name drop, its gotta be worth checking out

I’ve build a R34 for another player, fell in love with it.
I don’t know it would perform in loby, but it was a blast to drive.

Cool, cheers. I’ll check out some of those Chevy’s. And maybe that M1 too.

I love Lamborghini’s Muria and Countach for B Diablo for A, but my best advice would be to just grab any car you like and then head over to the tuners forum and see if anyone has a tune for it. While some cars are better than others, in lobbies it comes down to the driver more than the car.


trans am `73 was a good surprise,too.