Recent Matchmaking Improvements?

Anyone else noticed a recent reduction in the amount of wreckers? I hadn’t played online in a couple weeks due to life happenings. I was able to get on over the weekend to try to work on Speed Medal running my 69 Nova in B class with my 64 Impala thrown in for Long Beach races. In several sessions of sitting down to play the game I think I encountered two intentional wreckers and one guy that was just a dirty driver when it came to trying to race with him. Aside from those three guys I was racing in 12+ car lobbies with other drivers that were able to keep reasonable pace and a handful that I had some very competitive close racing with. Was this just a string of good luck or have some things been changed to improve the match making? Or have I finally just blocked so many people that the game has no choice other than to put me with others that just want to race? Anyone else had any recent good looking by experience trends?

The only full collision lobbies I have been in the last week or so I have quit out of due to crashers and ended up in the no collision lobby.

No. You just had a good day.

The last three days I played I was driving stock cars just to make it fair and that didn’t always work. I’ve noticed the wreckers are getting worse in their abilities to actually wreck. Its funny.

It does get really funny sometimes with how easy it is to out maneuver them.

T10 would let us know if they had match making working better. Infact they’d be shouting it from the rooftops :slight_smile:

Disappointing that my experience is isolated. Maybe all of my blocking is just paying off. I do block a lot of people.

I’m thankful for getting in some good lobbies though. I was really struggling on Speed Medal due to wreckers prior to my good lobbies over the weekend.

I haven’t encountered people with the sole purpose of wrecking in awhile now.

Bad drivers with no spatial awareness, now those are abundant.

I believe it was back in the January or February title update where Turn 10 said it had improved matchmaking functions. If they’ve done this even more so - along with Drivatar improvements - this new generation of Forza is shaping up to be a good one.