Rear View Mirror 6-22-15

Watch johniwanna fail at his own no rewind challenge, find out who won and lost in Formula One and get the scoop on NASCAR, Red Bull GRC and V8 Supercars in this edition of RVM/

Yup, ^^^^^, that one right there.


It was a great weekend for racing despite having no Nascar Cup race to watch. I was fortunate enough to catch the GRC races and watch Foust win the first race. It was unfortunate though about the 2nd race and having to fix the front end in such little time. But he did well to make the final again, just didn’t have any luck. It’s going to be a great race to the championship in F1 watching Hamilton and Rosberg pretty much battle it out for the rest of the season. It seems there has developed a bit of comradery between those two and not the same tension as last season. And finally, even though Xbox is no where to be found on Dale Jr’s car, I hope we see the Chevy SS Cup car in FM6 and someone to design the paint. It would be awesome! See you tomorrow for Forza Tuesday and some rewind fun! :slight_smile:

Once again thank you for these beautiful images and video.
it is not have the grand prize of the most exciting F1
but still very nice looked.
and finally your stream on Twitch me laugh scream with laughter !!
he did, he did it !!! congratulations on your good humor John :wink:
she was fresh at least ?? :smiley:

Even through Mercedes is looking like they’ll run away with the Championships again this year, there are still plenty of good battles to be seen. How about this spectacular almost crash/pass by Pastor Maldanado?

John, if you’re going to peruse the Festival Routes on today’s Twitch broadcast may I suggest taking an A or S class Porsche up Nice’s East Shore Street Race. It’s mostly a high speed course but it’s got a few technical bits thrown in to keep you honest. There’s also a tunnel early on which will make any Porsche’s engine note sound that much sweeter.

Brilliant write up, always glad to be a part of the stream and making your streaming life a pain :slight_smile: