Rear View Mirror 5-26-14

I hope your Memorial Day weekend was awesome. There was some great racing out there to watch.

This RVM covers the 98th running of the Indy 500, the Grand Prix of Monaco the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 and more.

As always I look forward to your comments.


I may be quick to the gun. But the thumbnail on the homepage and your link in the last post are going to the general news page and not the actual article. Thanks for all the info John.

Very good read, John.
The most intresting part is that a I saw the Top Gear’s video some minutes before read the RMV, because I follow their channel in youtube hahahahahah
I have all the models showed in the video in FM4, and for sure, the most amazing Maranello model is the F40. Even better than it, is the F40 Competizione.
Amazing cars that I won many races! Incredible sound an was the last Ferrari made by Enzo Ferrari. “She” is an iconic machine, even nowadays amazing design.
I challenge anybody to race against my F40C!

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Another awesome RVM, keep up the hard work

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Semper-Fi to all Military Veterans current & Former. Not just to the US Vets either. This former Marine salutes all branches world wide on this day. My thoughts and heart go out to the families who have lost someone who served as well.

I was happy to see Harvik get second, much rather him win, but that was a good race!


There followed live, but as always I update the excelent materials posted on the forza site! Despite cheer for Ttony Kanaan to be Brazilian is always exciting 500 miles: D now the strategy in F1 Felipe Massa shows that it can become more competitive! I hope it is so!

And I loved the gathering of Ferraris! Too beautiful!

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Fantastic grand prix of monaco. I 'm happpy for rosberg, hamilton seems to be nervous. Good race for Andretti Autosports, since 1969 with mario the last victory for the team.
The best ferrari for me is the f50.

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In the F1, Massa started in 14th and finished 7th. this is good.
For very little not Brazil did not come out ahead in the indy 500.

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i love truck

This would not be a very nice place to live without Veterans.
“The flag doesn’t wave in the breeze… It is moved by the dying breath of the one who chose to give all”
One of my best friends is a Vietnam Verteran, always vigilant in his watch over the newb in the 18 wheeler, to be sure i didn’t get in over my head, on or off the road, my 2.000.000 plus miles of safe drivig OTR I can attribute to his watch.

he bears the scars of lead in his back
he bears the scars of when after being wounded, watching his brothers in arms die, in the arms of his brothers. as they bled together in some God forsaken Jungle, of coming home to being spit on at the airport
But he would do it again

He is my friend
He is out there somewhere on the road, the whistle of the turbo on 14 Litres of engine, pulling up some lonely grade, to some far horizon beyond the suns rays
Everything I do
Everything I know
Everything I believe in
is bound up with the Blood, him and Brothers Past, Present and Future will stake their lives on, and pay the blood price for.
Is it too much to ask?
Ask a Veteran

The Monaco GP was an exciting watch, the sheer talent to speed through the tight streets, and focus for so long, wow!

The Ferrari stable is amazing, its a tough choice between the F 40 and the F 50
thoroughbreds all

all in all another fine RVM!

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Thanks for another great RVM read, and for putting it out on such an epic racing weekend. Started my day with a dawn Indy 500, then Monaco GP, then Indy 500, then Charlotte 600… man alive. If I could’ve seen that Canadian Touring Car race, that looks pretty interesting; well, it’s good to have an online link to view later in the week.

The run-up to Monaco had some sobering, touching and informative documentaries surrounding the tragic loss of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger in one race weekend at San Marino GP in 1994. It reminded me of the ragged edge our racing stars are riding out there, and appreciate the safety record autosport has been building these last couple decades. Monaco, Indy, and Charlotte had mostly clean racing and the safety-first response to every incident was heartening. In Forza, it makes me want to double down on learning to race cleaner and recover from wrecks quicker.

For this week’s car list? the 2005 Esperante GTLM GT2 is my killer pick. Who knows - maybe we could pair it up with a lobby race for 12 Hours At Sebring! :smiley:

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What a great weekend for racing! Where do I even begin? Congrats to Ryan Hunter-Reay for winning the Indy 500!! Its good to see an American driver in victory lane, last time was in 2006 with Sam Hornish Jr. It was a clean race until Charlie Kimball’s accident on lap 149. Several drivers had a good race. Kurt Busch finished 6th, very impressive result for a Nascar driver with no prior Indycar experience. It was to bad that his engine failed in the Coca-Cola 600 race. Perhaps he’ll get the opportunity next year? I think he’ll be back for next year’s Indy 500! How about rookie Sage Karam? Great race for him & he’s only 19 years old! Its a shame this will be his only Indycar race of the season because he wasn’t able to secure a full-time ride this year. Montoya finished 5th, Bourdais had his best Indy drive with a 7th place.

On to Formula 1…Marussia scored their first points ever with a 9th place finish from Bianchi. Another great run for Daniel Ricciardo with his second consecutive 3rd place finish. Nico Hülkenberg finished 5th, he’s scored points in every single race so far which has him 5th in the points. Of course Mercedes won as usual, but it was Rosberg instead of Hamilton. It seems like things are getting uglier by the race between those two!

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Loved the RVM report again.
Watched the Monaco GP.
Another good race
Have a friend who went to the Indie 500. Goes every year. Trying to fix it for myself one year soon.
Loving the videos. Keep up the great work John.

Please send any car to
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Great RVM, lots of race action
I watched the Monaco GP live, quite a good race, nice win by Nico, he dominated all weekend, its plain to see Hamilton does’nt like loosing, but I think he is going a bit far this time, or is he playing mind games ?. Great drive by Massa and Ricardo is doing a great job in the Red Bull.Also nice to see one of the teams further down the grid get up in the points. Well done Marussia.
My favorite Ferrari has to be the F40. Its a great looking and sounding car.

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This past weekend I was pleasantly surprised to find F1 being shown live here in the US, on network TV no less! I only caught the last 20 or so laps (it was on pretty early, in my time zone), but it was nice to catch what I did live for a change. Rather than watch any Indy or NASCAR though, I decided to do a couple of the FM3, yes I said, FM3 S and R3 class endurance races - those were a lot of fun!

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Can you pass along to Turn10 my great desire to have Monaco added as a track to Forza, about the only mainstream racing game to not include it to date.

What a day of racing. Getting up at 5:30 AM to watch the Monaco GP was exhausting, but worth it for the most part to catch the big three live. Tough luck for Hamilton getting something on his visor or on his eye, whichever it was. Regardless, it seemed as though he might have tracked Rosberg in the remaining laps, but it wasn’t meant to be. It will be interesting to see how the season unfolds and if Rosberg and Hamilton can mend whatever is going on between them with the help of Mercedes. They need to figure it out soon before it gets too out of hand and the whole thing implodes on the noth of them.

As for the Indy 500, I thought it just might be the year the “Andretti” curse would come to an end with as strong as car as Marco had during the race, but again, it wasn’t meant to be as the front two had the best cars at the end and Marco couldn’t do anything, but watch the fight for the lead from third. Maybe next year. Congrats to Hunter-Reay and Andretti Autosport. They not only won, but had all four cars in the top 6. Kurt Busch had an excellent run for his very first Indy car race and I wouldn’t count him out for trying again next year.

Finally, to the race I was waiting for all day, the longest circuit race of all, the Coca-cola 600! It was honestly a great race to watch and I was hoping the race would be caution free from the last pit stop on and see the strategy from '94 used by Evernham to get Gordon’s first win would pay off again and get Gordon back to back wins with back problems to boot. But it wasn’t so and unfortunately Jimmie got that win. I would have much rather seen Kenseth get the win, but it is what it is. Hopefully Gordon’s back will be good to go and he can get a second win next week at Dover.

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Hi , a big race weekend with the famous Indianapolis 500 indy, a grand prize of Monaco memorable with Rosberg who finished conquering and that reinforces Mercedes in the world championship f1 . Redbull and Ferrari have interest to double overtime to catch the manufacturer standings.

I prefer the Ferrari is the F40 remains the ultimate work of Enzo sublime v8 car with a special twin-turbo engine . There is also the 288 GTO Evoluzione Ferrari occurs when 5 copies it will subsequently basis for the development of future Ferrari supercar , the famous F40 .

I vote for the 1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 which as you impress me as always John . I already had the opportunity to ride with a Sierra 2.0 injection with all the options a very nice and comfortable car.

If I had a car offer that is not in the list it will be the Lancia Delta S4 car produced in small series ( 200 ex . ) To participate in the championship group B.

Video Delta S4

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Thanks for the round up, I do enjoy catching up on my favourite races.

Monaco, always afantastic race with some mixing up in the field. Like Marussia getting their first ever points, and what a place to get them but at Monaco in front of all those lovely sponsors!!
Massa also did very well for Williams, who I am glad to see getting better after a dodgey few seasons previously. One of my favourite teams from my childhood.
Mercedes still showing their dominant form but I think Red Bull will soon catch them, Daniel is showing great pace.

Oh man, I do love Ferraris. I recently saw an Enzo put through its paces in a festival where they closed off a street and raced some cars. That thing is loud!! But I cannot decide between the F40 and the GTO.

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Great weekend of racing and great RVM. Merc may make a real run at season long sweep in F1; but the series is pretty fickle; they have to date avoided to mechanical failure bug. Incredible Indy 500 finish and superb to see the non-American streak broken with a nail biter.

Cheers to all; wanted to also give my thanks to the community and T10 for the Indy 500 hopper. It was good fun and I had a strong and fair group.

Had a great holiday weekend. Thanks to my fellow service men and women I was proud to have served my country in the navy. This weekend was great for racing. The Indy 500 was a great watch and Kurt Busch did very well for his first irl race. The coca cola 600 was very exciting.Jimmy won and lets hope he doesn’t start to dominate charlotte like he use to. Jamie mac came in 5th so I was very happy with that considering he won the all star race. Great article as always John. F4 mugen inegra and civic