Rear View Mirror 6-30-14

Man o’ man was this a fun-filled RVM. More racing and Forza stuff than you can shake a stick at.

Read on, read on!

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Nice read

Hi John,

Also last weekend was round 4 of DTM at Norisring. July 1st being Canada Day I thought I’d mention it was won by Canadian Robert Wickens.

I concur on the TMOAP winning entry. That it is a Bugatti Veyron is immaterial as to why the image is compelling.

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Man, I’ve never a bug modified like that, kudos to the owner! I’m excited to see what cars will added to FM5 later on, I have a good feeling about it.

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-I tried to post this earlier but hit issues-
Ah! The Huracan looks fantastic. I have to admit I wasn’t a huge fan of the rear-end styling of the Gallardo but this seems to have made it much more… Lamborghini. In regards to the NASCAR racing, while I’m not a fan of NASCAR the fact that Keselowski led 199 laps is great. While USCC is still pretty good I did prefer ALMS, I’m not sure why but USCC just doesn’t have the same feel to it.

Your trip to the car show near Mt. Si looks great, although that Beetle looks completely ridiculous, you got some great shots from it.

That photo that won the comp was great, the Veyron really suits the filter used

While I didn’t see the full race of Round 4 in the Rally it looks like some brilliant racing. And finally, that Indy racing looks completely insane, especially in that first race, it takes HUGE amounts of skill to race Indy cars in the first place, in those conditions it’s ridiculous.

Overall it’s been a great time for racing, I hope it keeps this interesting for the rest of the year.

Oh and since everyone else is doing it.
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I agree with you in regards to the USCC and ALMS. I understand that this is the first year of the unified series, and it’s been pretty good so far, but I do miss the ALMS. USCC feels a bit too much like Grand Am to me(which I had nothing against, just didn’t follow it as much). One other thing I miss from the ALMS was the commentary by John Hindaugh and Jeremy Shaw. Those two were fun to listen to.


Yeah, I think that once it’s been going for a couple of seasons it might pick up but I’m not sure.

Jack Hawksworth was amazing at Indy :slight_smile: After what he did in the Star Mazda championship, He’ll be one to watch for the next couple of years i reckon. Here’s hoping he goes all the way.

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Reading through the article I surprised to see that Juan Pablo Montoya is still around, but I guess he’s not as old as I had thought (38!) although already having a long career. One thing these games (mainly Horizon) have gotten me interested in is the Rally Racing. While it was nice to see that the track had “options”, the course seemed a little uninspired to me being set mainly on hardpack surfaces and track. The photos from rally Sweden and Italy are my personal favorites. I would LOVE to see snow in a Forza game, but I could imagine how difficult it could be to properly emulate in terms of falling particles, accumulating snow, and drifts, as well as the surface textures and physics. Now my next car has to be a Subaru. In contrast the Six Hours of the Glen footage showed some nice R1/R2 style cars jockeying for position. I’d like to see a driver view cam from these cars. It might actually help my racing line in game! The in car cam was a little awkward viewing the driver from an angle. I’ll also go with the 55’ Porsche btw, but stating it here because the voting links aren’t working.


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Thanks for this post. The lamborghini huracan is beautiful. For the wrc, i think than sebastien ogier win the championship this year, there are no competition .

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Thanks for the article John, great read. Nice win for Foust coming from behind to get the victory.
Getting excited for Horizon 2, the Hurcan will be an epic car to cruise Europe in. Thanks for the technical video of the Hurcan, it is a definately a sweet car. Thanks again John.

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Loved watching the Lambo Hurican technical video, beautiful car, on top of it being the car of FH2 i cant wait to drive her, on the topic of the indy cars, for the first rainy race of the season, i can say it turned out better than i was expecting, on tha narcar topic, i’m still upset they brought the #3 back…

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That was a great article (I honestly don’t know what to say about it without repeating some of the above comments though, SwiftSpoon313 said it all in my opinion). And that video, well that was just awesome!! The Lamborghini Hurican looks absolutely amazing, might make my list of top coolest cars I’ve ever seen. Also, I loved (still do lol) Forza Horizon and can’t wait for Horizon 2 to come out :smiley: I’ll be buying that as soon as I can, and I don’t think I’m alone there lol I like how Horizon gives you more of an interactive experience, and I tried rally racing with a friend and I loved it! Keep up the good work Turn 10!

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The Huracan is legitimately my favorite Supercar I’ve seen lately, it’s just… Amazing… My previous favorite was the Lexus LF-A which seems so underrated to me. In saying that, I absolutely hate the LF-A’s in Forza, I just can’t race them. I use an NSX for S class and a Supra for A class (FM4)

i watched the rallycross and that thing was muddy, there was so much good racing and action in that event anybody could of enjoyed it. and rain always makes rally or rallycross better.
Reinis NITISS is the SF heat 1 drove like mad and stayed out in front the whole race. while 3 other crashed and retired before first few laps . good racing!!!

that VW show looked great some cool cars. i have a few coming up this month. a local one thats got a wild west theme always fun,

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Awesome read its been a while since i read 1 of these but awesome loved the car show pics, if only game mods were that good!

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Awesome Article, I Sure do love German Tuned Cars, That Shortened VW Beetle is Crazy Looking!

Glad you had a Funfilled Week…Keep up the Awesome Reports!

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Thanks for the article. That beetle looks very bad, im curious what engine lies in it… A big and massive V8? Here in Holland we replace the beetle engine’s for a Subaru engine. So you’ve still the boxer rumble but than better and meaner. And of course… turbo’s are included :slight_smile: 300hp + rear wheel drive on a very light car = :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The Huracane is an nice Lambo.!
I did not know the used that much Carbon Fiber on a car. Also the headlight are a huge and complex project.
I’ts good Lamborghini did not have replaced the NA V10. I mean tho’s car’s do not need turbo’s it’s a shame if they had done that. Very cool, even downsising is very popular. Here in Holland a lot of people drive a Prius, cheap VW or a very cheap japanese car. Downsising… i don’t like it.
I’m a Fan of a 325 manufacterd by BMW, because i like the inline six. But now the’ve replaced the inline six by 4 cylinder turbo engine’s

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rvm article always interesting as usual!
Well, the most surprising thing is definitely the beetle photograph placed at the beginning of the article, photographed at the European cars meeting: really great! the old Beetle has always been an incredible charm and the one of the photo, thanks to the remarkable tuning, it is definitely the most badass of all those who I have seen so far! What about the engine? Impressive, it would seem almost a V8! Not bad also the Tanner Foust’s Rockstar GRC VW Beetle, it looks very powerful; nevertheless I still prefer the big old VW Beetle!
Is a good news that the new lambo huracan will be in Forza Horizon 2; only for the presence of this car the game is worth to be bought! I love the design of the Lamborghini and the Hurican seems to be the worthy successor of the Gallardo!
Now I just have to finish Forza 4, buy the first forza horizon and then finally forza horizon 2, so I can drive the huracan! :))

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Nice article! It’s always nice to spend time with other people with your same passion … compare, admire and want to…
I have had the good fortune to attend years ago at an F1 race and adrenaline that transmits is something incredible. Most likely the Indy races are more spectacular and fun is assured for sure!

Nice day John! Maybe there were more often :wink:

P.s.: (Sorry for my english)

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