Rear View Mirror 4-27-15

If you missed IndyCar at Barber Motorsports Park or WRC Argentina get your highlights here. If you saw both, then come revel in how awesome it was.

Also, photos from a huge local VW Show and a briefing on my first driver skills event.

Hey, I didn’t hit any trees so I call it a win!


Such a nice Porsche!

Great job on the advanced salom, John! You might have done better if there were trees though. :slight_smile: But in all seriousness, that’s awesome you got to do that and had a great time!

Hello dear Johniwanna
Thanks for this interesting RVM, great pick for the videos and pictures, I’m glad you are still in love with Volkswagen and Porsche, plus learning new real life racing skills, I missed watching you in Tuesday, it’s hard to do while I’m working, I hope to have the chance in that day so I can see your streaming, take care and have a nice weekend!

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