Rear View Mirror 4-18-16

Lots of racing to cover this week in RVM. Plus car show photos and Forza stuff. Just what you would expect from your loving community writer Johniwanna.


Good stuff John

Chinese GP was the most entertaining F1 race I have ever seen. I am not a F1 guy still trying to understand it honestly and I find most to be completely boring but man that race looked like a race. With kimi, Lewis in the back. Red bull come to life. Better blasting trough the pack. That course is something special and should be add to the wish list.

Porsche apparently has a hard in for vette racing. Ok we did that bump and run at Daytona in the infield. But seriously clearly the Porsches ran out of tire or something as they were gone. In the distance after passing. Sebring, and long beach they took out us. Personally wonder if they should get 1st at long beach or have it taken away.

Awesome to see Pagenaud win!

Definitely a lot of racing going on. I can’t believe the Leap of Faith. I like what the driver was thinking about when he was approaching, “Jump, man, jump.” I hadn’t thought about how scary it would be for the driver. He obviously didn’t what Damien Walters.

Nice picture of the VW, too.