Rear View Mirror 10-26-15

V8 Supercars, NASCAR, WRC, Formula E highlights plus your answer to if there will be a DLC Clue Thread this week and cool Forza community content in this RVM.

Read it and hopefully don’t weep.



Love the RVM, been reading them for the past month or two and I have got to say I love them- your racing recaps have been getting me more into motorsports so thank you so much!

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Thank you John for the inaugural RVM article: “The Story Behind the Photo” which featured all the traffic in the Underdog Showcase.

Top Gear Underdog Group
by Jim, on Flickr

I always read the RVM, both the on-line forum edition and the Forza Hub, and I’m sure your readership is in the high numbers.

I’ll bet that promoting photography with RVM and the Cars Book project will get more people folks interested in another phase of Forza Motorsports.

Plus now that you’ve admitted to being a judge for the weekly photo contests, there will be more photographs of older Volkswagens and Porsches. That is if members realize John is a fan of these types of cars.


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Yet many things to see this week,
Your Ford seems loaded for Christmas but … not with the right tree !!
Thank John

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