Random Numbers Instead of a Game. Forza: Pachinko Edition

I’ve never posted here before. I was very excited about this game, and I’ve been disappointed.

Today I got a refund for my hundred-dollar copy of FM7 for PC. The refund request was made on technical grounds - I couldn’t run the game because it constantly crashed in the menus - but I had other issues that I believe would have persisted beyond the week-1 technical problems. I’m going to skip talking about the VIP ripoff, as it appears that’s been at least acknowledged on the store page.

When I bought the game, I believed that the skinner-box crate thing would be for obtaining costumes or maybe garage props or special paint or other cosmetic items. I have a problem with cars being locked behind a random number slot machine that you have to pay to play. A hundred dollars is a lot of money, after all. Sixty dollars is, too. To pretend this doesn’t look like a setup for a microtransaction scheme is insulting, especially since we went through this with FM5 only a few years ago.

Related to this is the issue of low race payouts. The low race payouts would be acceptable if career mode was more robust. If I want to pay for this car I’ve just built, I should have options in career mode and rivals to drive the thing. More than one series for a Golf in seeker, for instance. Maybe in addition to hot hatches you’ve got FWD C class, and German Non-Homologated D-class on random track configs or something. Use your imagination (maybe imaginations were more profitably employed on other facets of the game). Give me something to do with the car, so I can drive it and make credits so I can buy more cars. This is the whole point, or at least I thought it was.

I don’t want a random car every fifteen minutes. I don’t want all 700 cars in my garage. I want to work toward cars that I like. I want to earn them, by placing first in a tough series where a car is offered as a prize, or working my way into higher-paying races so I can afford higher performance cars. I don’t need the cars arbitrarily categorized into tiers, because there are already cars that I want and cars that I don’t. The game doesn’t need to tell me that I should want a car because it has classified it as having a higher tier number. The players will motivate themselves, they don’t need rails.

The racing itself is great. Kudos to the folks who worked on that. Too bad it’s wrapped in cell-phone-game gimmicks that makes it feel like it should be F2P.

What happened to Forza? I was ready to love this game, and I feel like I just ran across an old friend to find he’s had a lobotomy. Please find your soul and give me a reason to come back and play.


I agree 100%. I think it would be fine if Turn10 wanted to put some driver gear, or even badges behind their gambling skinner box mechanic, but not functional pieces of the game that, frankly, are already paid for.

I’d sure like to get that Chevy Vega for instance, but it’s very likely at this point, that I’ll end up refunding the game before that occurs.

To be honest, this isn’t the biggest issue with the game, IMHO, but it is a big one. More so because of what it portends for the future.


Haha they locked a Vega up. Amazing.
Yeah the more I read, the more issues I recognize. I’m glad was able to get out and I hope they make some major changes so I can play what should be my new favorite time-sink.


I will never agree with gambling boxes, be it only cosmetics, or game changing items.

It’s excrement… I well and truly miss the days of actually being able to pick which character, outfit, skin, whatever and buy it, rather than this random pull of the slot machine mechanic where you might get what you want, but it’s more likely that you won’t and you’ll get 100 things you don’t want before you get to the thing you set out to get in the first place.


That’s enough shopping for threads in which to continue grinding your ax.


I thought it was 700 cars at launch…more like 700 cars are available to get once you beat the game…very misleading…many times i have gone to buy a car i want and its not available or its still locked after opening the tier


ugh, isn’t that the worst thing, buying a game and then actually having to play it?

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No. The worst thing is buying a racing game, and finding out that the car you really wanted to play with is locked behind some mechanic. Then, when you express a dislike that that’s the case, you get derided in a sarcastic manner by someone else.


Im seeing all these posts about people wanting to play with a specific car thats locked. There is a part of the game called freeplay, you can use any car you like in there.

Like all the other comments ive seen here say, its amazing how many people want everything on day 1 (or day 3) Very very few games give you access to everything on launch, hence it being called a game. You need to play it!

%100 agree.
I stopped playing the game right now. I’m completely disappointed to where this is going. I’ll probably ask for a refund too if no change is announced after the lunch.
And from what I am reading all around they will not change anything as it seen the don’t listen for criticism from the community :confused:


Hmm, I’m getting the feeling that I’m going to dislike this Loot Crate feature more than I thought.


I do feel with you but I don’t agree with you 100% as we are just 3 days into pre-release and don’t have the full picture yet. I’m pretty sure the situation isn’t even half as desastrous as perceived.

Getting Tier 5 as Car Collector is rather easy and quick to do, and it unlocks all the cars you can actually buy with credits. Of the cars left locked, at least 35 cars are unlockable by cups and showcases. Only what’s left then is "hard"locked behind boxes, forzathon, specialty vendor etc.

Don’t forget the cars aren’t as expensive as in other Forza titles, too. 1.5 million is the highest price in the game. With a level discount of up to 400,000 CR you get lotsa cars for free or very cheap. If they ain’t the cars you’re after for your personal collection, sell em directly or in auction for a better price.

If I understand correctly, you can’t sell the cars you don’t want if you want to stay tier 5. If you sell cars for credits, your collector score goes down.

It seems unfair and dumb to force players to collect cars like Pokemon in order to progress, and it is pretty obviously geared this way to force players to buy those ‘prize boxes’.

If it works for you, I won’t begrudge you the fun you’re having with the game. I was so disappointed, though, that I simply refuse to support it with my dollars. I used to love Forza and I would love to play it on PC, and I’ll gladly re-buy it and all the DLC if the developer decides to relieve the player of having to work around the sleazy gambling mechanic.


The reactions are overblown, really. I’m at CC Tier 13 now, max discount so far seems to be 400,000 CR (reached at CC Tier 10). I got nearly 200 cars by now and I could sell a lot of cars before I’d see an impact. I’m just saying the situation isn’t as harsh as some people claim it to be. After unlocking almost a third of the available cars in just two days I don’t feel too bad with the progress.

I’d be more concerned if I couldn’t unlock the different championships within a specific cup but that hasn’t been a problem that far. More and more championships unlock and by the time I’m done with the normal Driver’s Cup, I will have access to almost all championships for the Elite Cups, I’m pretty sure.


I’m Tier 25 - 26, somewhere thereabouts, and the game is just throwing cars at me. My garage is about 350 currently and growing exponentially it feels. If I don’t hit the 700 mark by the end of this week, I have no doubt I will by the end of the following.

As for events, once you do win the Driver’s Cup regularly, the remaining events unlock, including ten more showcases.