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FH5 Rally Adventure expansion Troubleshooting

For questions on settings and how to play the Rally Adventure expansion, see the pinned info in the FH5 Discussion section.


  • Remember that the best way to avoid issues is to close your game, restart your device, and disable third party programs on PC.

  • If you have issues with DLC ownership, this is an issue that needs to be addressed through Microsoft or Steam support rather than on the forums.

  • Game crashes should be reported directly to Forza Support via ticket as these issues are often specific to individual account and need extra info directly from individual users.

Expansion Bug Reporting

Please report bugs with the expansion gameplay in the FH5 Report New Issues section of the Troubleshooting Hub.


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    • Include the gaming device you’re using.
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Yesterday I downloaded 18GB… It doesn’t work xdd. Now I see the RA update and it won’t let me download, it stops all the time. :man_facepalming: :laughing:

PD: Xbox One.
PD: Lets Go!! download.

Similar. Xbox One, downloaded yesterday’s update, now stuck in endless loading screen over 15 minutes and counting before it even starts looking for the DLC. Dare I force quit and try again ?

Update Edit : So, after a few more minutes I did force quit and restarted the Xbox. Checked game and it said no updates found, 1 add-on installed (yesterday’s I guess ?), 134.4GB and version 2.573.834.0 fwiw. Upon starting it again the in game offer in the Rally Map just led to a pointless store point of “purchased” and asked me to buy it again. Finally got the install button out of the game in the MS store. Good grief. At least NOW it is downloading.

When it stays in a loading loop, it’s frustrating… If I see that it takes longer than expected, I restart the game.

I have 6 GB and downloading at 40 mbps…

Thanks :slight_smile: Yeah, just updated my above after I did that. And here I’m looking at 17.94GB ? !

Does the Rally DLC only have pace notes in the English version? I play in Portuguese but I don’t listen to any pace note in Portuguese.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Damaged tuning files after update cause game crash

With Frame Generation on moving left to right or right to left expose a high level on screen tearing. I can’t use it at all.
All DLSS settings tried with no better results. Please fix…

This has gone too far.

I’ve been playing this expansion for an hour and it’s already crashed 3 times. I’m on an Xbox One S. While this has been a problem for almost a year now, this is on a new scale for the expansion.

If you’re going to release a game, MAKE IT PLAYABLE ON EVERY PLATFORM IT RELEASES ON. Period. There are no excuses not to. Playground Games chose to release Horizon 5 on an Xbox One, thus, it should be playable on that platform. This isn’t even about bugs and glitches anymore. This game is completely unplayable.


I’ve been playing TC2 since the FH5 expansion has hit and the game hasn’t crashed once! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I have crashed my car several times though.

I hate to tell you this but the Xbox One S (or any XB1) just isn’t cut out for the expansion and the game. You might as well just abandon it.
I’m playing on the Series S and it’s been mostly issue-free. You should find a Series console to boot.

In my honest opinion (and I think Runoff agrees) this game should’ve abandoned support for the original One. Because like I said, it’s too old, and sooner or later it’s going to wind up being retired. The issues that plague the Xbox One version is a permanent thing. Ubi did the same thing when the original Crew came out for the Xbox 360. Support for that console ended around summer 2015.

What we do know at the end of the day is FH5 will be the last XB1 game. That being said the difference between the XB1 and XSX (and to a lesser extent, Series S) is massive.

That’s unfortunately not an option for me. This account is not the account I play FH5 on. I no longer know the email or password for that account, which means I would not only lose all of my progress, I would also have to buy the game again, because it is a digital version.

Yeah, good point. Speaking of which, the game crashed. It was trying to give me a stroke for 20 minutes with the frame drops and lag spikes.

They NEED to fix stability on the XBOX One. If you release a game on a platform, it should work on said platform.


EDIT 2: Oh boo hoo, was somebody offended by my post? Take your flags and get out. You contribute nothing to this forum.


It just crashed again. These people need to get it together and fix this. I’ve been having this problem for almost A YEAR. If they can’t be bothered to make a game playable on every platform it is released on, I will never buy one of their products again.


Thanks for moving all these threads to the dead section of the forum so nobody will ever see them again. Very cool Max. :+1:

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I am pooling them together to use for our day’s report about new issues, which is why I created the topic in the first place. If you want your issue to be noticed, putting it in the wrong place - outside the Troubleshooting Hub - is the wrong way to go. And as we’ve requested, if you’re experiencing crashing, those should be directed immediately to Forza Support via ticket so we can see them and investigate.

Why can’t I smash the bonus signs in the rally expansion?

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It’s not anyone’s fault nor the game. It’s the console you are on. As I have said before the Xbox One version is just now very poorly optimized. It’s not going to change because the Xbox One is already on its way out. In a few months from now, the XB1 version will very likely be unplayable for good, meaning you have to switch over to the Xbox Series lineup.

Lots of games with year-long updates do this, especially with the deprecation of DirectX 9 for example. It’s nothing new for FH5.

I don’t know what else to tell you. Some decisions are very difficult to muster through. With the Series X/S versions, you’ll never want to look back. Loading is better, no splash screen, and a reasonably optimized experience.

Trust me, technology has moved on. I did, in late 2021, and I never looked back. I even uninstalled FH5 on the One S for that.

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@GreaseRodSucho Unfortunately, I’m kind of stuck here.

And no, the console I’m on is no excuse. Playground released the game on Xbox One, the bare minimum is that it should be playable on Xbox One.


I am on the Xbox Series S. After installing the Rally Adventure my game crah3s shortly after I press the A button to start the game. I have tried so many times. But it always crashes. I have also launched my other games successfully. This is very disappointing as I cant even play the base game. Please can this be sorted out as soon qs possibe. Within days, not an entire week.