Race length?

Has this been mentioned as yet? Does anyone know if there still short like F5 or have they been increased?

we don’t know actual race lengths but T10 did mentioned back in E3 or gamescon that races are longer than 5 which includes endurance races in the showcases etc

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Hi bud. Long time no hear from you.

To be honest, at this stage I’ll enjoy anything that doesn’t freeze up, crash to dashboard or break my wheel. So just looking forward to play FM6 whatever it offers. AND off course, driving Ferrari’s again. LOL.



Same as that buddy, I see you’ve been playing Fh2 a fair bit I’ve gone back to F5 for the time being. I did send you request a couple of times but gave up with the crashes back to dash.

Yeah, playing FH2 a lot, but also on FM5 for race a bit and paint a bit. I’ll look you up.

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Just wondering,which game is breaking your wheel? My TX’s are breaking just fine on their own,on my 3rd one now.

PCar’s for me buddy.

Perhaps we will see longer races with dare mods.

I’d like to hope T10 have made the races longer in general personally, 2/3 laps was a little soul destroying for me.

Soul destroying? Here I thought that they were just really tedious :wink:

Seriously though, it is a racing game, so most races will likely be between 2 and 5 laps with race length increasing as you progress to more advanced levels of the game. Whatever the race length is, I’m hoping the races are organized better and F and E class makes a return for the slower cars.

I know that in an interview somewhere, Dan G. said that the race lengths would be longer than they were in FM5. Plus, we’ll get 2 hour and 4 hour endurance races in career, freeplay, and multiplayer.

That’s really good to hear, cheers SC36.

I am not convinced that is what he said nor do I want it.

What I believe he said was that longer rcaes will be in FM6. What I think he did not say was that EVERY race would be longer.

Possibilities include endurance races coming back but sprint races remaining.

All I know is if we get a choice I will race the FM5 distances and have no real desire to do longer (SP career) races.

While not a huge fan of the 2 lap race myself, I am equally not a fan of mandatory 4 hour races. This isn’t my job, it’s not a career, and I don’t always have time to sit down and do a race for 4 hours. Even when I do, sometimes it’s not the only thing I want to do.

An option for that length of endurance event would be nice so you can do it if and when you have the time and desire. Mandating it would probably not go over too well with the typical buyer.

Hopefully we get some races that are (on average) 4 or 5 laps.

Best case, why not a length slider?


4 hour races will take a bit of mental preparation for me lol…

I hope there honestly won’t be 4 hour endurance races in career mode. I can probably do 2 hours, but not 4 hours.

I really wish they would just introduce a simple slider for race length. It’s such an obvious solution and would keep everyone happy.

Also wish HUD would display car ahead car behind times. Irrelevant for short sprints but quite handy when slowly gaining on an endurance.


Yes must admit I don’t understand why a simple slider can’t be implemented to determine race length, just set how you want to play and everyone’s happy. But who knows maybe they’ve done just that in Forza 6.

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Do we know that F6 doesn’t have a race length slider?

I’m new to Forza as I just bought an XBox One as I couldn’t say no to Forza 6… I’ve raced in leagues for N2003 and IRacing and have always been a big Gran Turismo fan as far back as I can remember for my console needs.

I’m really excited about Forza 6 and have been playing Forza 5 to get my fix (and to get a better understanding of Forza in general) until 6 is released and the biggest gripe I have right now is race length. The two to three lap sprints in career just doesn’t cut it.

I would love to see much longer stints to really get into the race. I get that you don’t want to make things too long for the casual fan/driver, but increasing the length like you can strength of the field, would be fantastic and maybe giving a larger payout because you participating in longer races.

It just doesn’t feel right to have a great race, but have it be done in less than 5 minutes and as far as I can tell, the race length doesn’t increase, even when you move to a “race class” or a series that should involve more time behind the wheel.

Extending the race allows you to use your race craft and setup passes. I feel like right now it’s, be super aggressive from the time the lights go off.

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