Race length?

You can run in forza 5 in free play long races. Grennawalt says that in free play mode you can set race length long as you will. Maybe up to 250 laps or so

Yeah, longer races are a must. Two lap races are just laughably short and make it no surprise that so many drivatars are crashing their way to the podium with how little time their drivers get to reach it. Especially on tracks like Long Beach.

We are able to get practice laps in now before the race so that will be nice. A slider for adjusting the length of racing would be nice. Some types of cars or SUV’s I really don’t want to race at all or for a long period of time. Shorting those races and making others a bit longer would be nice.

From Gamersyde (via NeoGaf):

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Sounds good, I’m not really into Endurance racing but a greater race length is always welcome for me, still think a race length slider would be better overall though to keep most everyone happy.


I am far from happy and will consider not buying now due to a boring career mode with long races.

Glad to here there will be longer races at later points in the career, it makes sense really. Doing two lap sprints in hot hatches is fine, but once you get into touring cars, GT cars, prototypes and open wheel race cars, laps go by rather quickly, so the more the merrier!


24 racers doing two laps would be a disaster, I usually try to race endurance R class, first lap or two is just getting the tires warm, the short races work great for beginner racers to learn, but the longer races are better for actually racing instead of surviving. The two or four hour races would be good also if you prepare mentally, turn off your lights and lock the door, put on your racing shoes, gloves and helmet and prepare for full driving bliss.
I think the longest races would favor those who use a wheel and seat, ( you can sneak in a drink of red bull on the straights ) I plan on racing as many endurance races as my body will let me.


speaking of endurance racing - I really enjoyed some of the special endurance hoppers turn 10 hosted!

A simple slider would make everyone happy.

I hated the 2 lap races in FM5 as much as I hated the Double Heats in FM4! A balance would be nice…5-6 lap career races are perfect IMO.

But yes…the slider…please.

On free play you can choose race length like in fm5. In fm5 you can do up to 250 laps