Quick newbie question.

I purchased an Xbox one earlier this month along with Forza 5 and horizon 2. I am really enjoying them, but I have a question about assists. What assists do you use for the best experience?

I run no assits but if ur new to the game trying that could hinder ur experience. I would recommend starting with tcs and abs for control reasons. When the abs/tcs icons light up that usually means u are applying to much brake/gas. Try a little less trigger and try to keep those lights from turning on. Once you get better at trigger control turn them off. I also use normal steering because i couldnt get used to sim steering. Thats my 2 cents. Enjoy the games!

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Normal steering and Traction control for powerfull cars in FM5
No assist for Horizon 2
Have fun !

Thx for the tips. See you guys on the track!

Thx for the tips. See you on the track!

Assists are really personal preference. Whatever gives you the best game experience is what you should use. However, if you can learn to drive without some assists, it will not only help you to become faster, but also a better driver and more understanding about how the car behaves. That said, I would honestly suggest that you drive with the least amount of assists enabled as possible regardless of your skill level or previous play experience. You can always turn assists on as you see fit, but I think the best way to become a better driver is to just start out with as little assists on as possible. That said, the only assists I use are normal steering and braking line. Everything else I have turned off. If you do decide to use some assists, I highly recommend never using STM, only TCS. Good luck!

only assists i use is breaking line to remind me where the track is going so i dont need to look at map. every thing else apart from damage is turned off and steering is simulation

sim steering can be tough. i use tcs only. whenever i tried line or brake assist i found myself watching it more than the track. eventually you’ll learn the turns on every track even the big, bad nordschleife. but that one takes awhile and even though i know every turn of it i still manage to flub at least one per lap more often than not. practice, practice and listen to what some of these guys have to say in here. a lot of handy advice gets passed along in these forums.

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