Recommend settings

Could someone recommend some good difficulty settings for me? I had a perfect blend on horizon 2 of enough challenge but if I raced well I could win. On this so far it’s either feast or famine. The car basically drives itself if you have most of the assist on but start turning off 1 or 2 and it seems to get out of control quick. Probably just need a lot more practice. Also are there some standard adjustments most players make to the dead zones on the controller?

Keep ALL assists off, including automatic shifting if you want to experience the game in all its glory.

To make it easy on yourself, turn on TCS and ABS, but apart from that, you’d be seriously “maligning” the experience by turning on additional assists.

Keep all your deadzones at 0 inside, 100 outside.

The assists are there to help you, but honestly it’s a little trial and error to see which ones are helping you and which ones are hurting you.

Everyone has a different driving style and the assists are only suited to one driving style. When I first started on Forza 3, I found that STM and ABS hurt me more than they helped. They kicked on at all the wrong times and I ended up fighting the assists as much as I did driving the car proper!

I will say that switching to Manual transmission (don’t worry about the clutch, that can come later) is HUGE help. When you can control the power to your wheels, it makes everything else a little eaiser. Start with everything on except set your transmission to Manual (no clutch).

Also +1 for the deadzones thing. The XBox One controller is very sensitive. You’re going to need as much of the area on the triggers/sticks as you can get.

I’d suggest having the racing line set to braking only until you get a good idea where the braking zones are for each track. Eventually you’ll pick up on different visual clues as to where to start braking and won’t need it. It is helpful when learning though.

I generally never use ABS, and only use TCS on some of the really powerful RWD cars where it’s difficult to properly modulate the throttle. As always though, if you want to be good, you need to practice, practice, practice. :slight_smile: