New to Forza 5 - What settings should i go for?

Hello, just got my self a Xbox One and Forza 5 and i want to finish the singel player mode before Forza 6 is out.

But what settings and assists should i go for to get some decent times if i play online and so on?

I really would like to continue to use auto shift for now!

Unfortunately no one is really going to know the answer but you :slight_smile:

Typical suggestions, though, are don’t use auto-braking or STM - they will certainly slow you down. Turn the driving line down to braking-only or even off completely when you know the tracks, and try turning ABS off too, as both these actions will increase your winnings. TCS and shifting are up to you … just have fun!


If you’re new, I’d recommend turning on TCS and ABS. Then, pay attention to your HUD while you play.

When you see the TCS and ABS icons by the tachometer flash, that means you’re hitting the brakes or throttle too hard, and these systems are kicking in to save you. Concentrate on driving smoothly, until you’re smooth enough with the controls that the icons aren’t lighting up so much. At this point, turn the assists off.

Also, I know you said you like auto trans, but manual w/clutch is the way to go. Power-shifting can shave quite a bit of time off any run.

You’ll get your doors blown off assuming all other variables are ignored by using auto. You may do ok in the two highest classes with auto but that’s about it.

From D-S classes you would have a hard time finishing up front and may get lapped if an elite driver is in the lobby.

You get acceleration boosts by using manual and manual with clutch. The boost from using manual with clutch is the greatest.

You can dominate lobbies with full race line, TCS and abs on. These shouldn’t be the first assists dropped. Actually in many cars it’s faster to run them with TCS on due to build.

After learning at least manual, drop STM. STM is completely useless and makes the car drive badly at times.

The above advice is not true i win plenty of mulitplayer races in D C B A S running full auto, which i have to because i have nerve damage in my hands.

If you have played other games like GT, or any of the Codemaster games you will have some idea what to expect. If you know the tracks then you can play about with the assists to suit you straight away. The more you turn off the more credits you can accumulate.

If you want to run auto try this to start
Stm off
Tcs on
Abs on
Racing line on
Steering normal

It is possible to reset the active zones on the triggers to give you a greater range of adjustment when driving.

Once you know the tracks you can knock off assists as it suits you. You will find that once well used to the game you can switch to manual gears if you want.

Please note. If you drive full auto the majority of downloadable tunes wont work for you. They take advantage of quirks in the game physics that would not work in the real world. They effectively create full aRcade style racing. Its very fast but they are very unrealistic. Rear wheel drive cars in the game are fR more skittish than in real life, thats why the wierd tuning appeared. If you struggle finding tunes forvdriving full auto P M me and i will see if my mate will give you something to get started with.

Good luck with the game!

I have disagree with you. Swerve 100% correct. Auto is a big disadvantage. You cant use the extra overrev or lug the motor in low grip corners.
If you had nerve damage, maybe your having a hard time feeling your tires lose grip. Keeping your car on the edge is big part of being of a fast drive. Now you run auto tran with awd just masks the problem. You be wont competitive in a decent room.

How dare you make assumptions about my disability. You are a disgusting low life. Its a shame you crawled out of the gutter.

Fact: because none of these tunes use a race gearbox you have to shift manual with clutch to overcome the slow auto change from no clutch or gearbox upgrade. If a race gearbox is fitted and the greaing is set up correctly you do not need to go into the redline. The torque and power graph explains this. Isome cars drop off when they get to the top of their power and torque curves. They actually lose power/torque, eg rally engine which you have to shift up at about 5500/6000 even though the engine will rev to much more. But lose power and torque.

How dare you , you little turd, tell me how to drive.

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Im sorry about your disabililty but you make it sould like every buddy using RWD cars are cheating.
In your case, auto or awd help with your disability. But they should be avoid if possible.
Fact: awd, race trans(most cars), clutch cost too much pl. You will end up with a slow car.
Fact: the 5.7, 1.6 or any motor with CF supercharger will be sec’s slower with auto, no mater how you set the gear.
Fact: lugging a 1.6 or overreving a v-tec or down shifting during braking shaves off sec’s on your lap.
You add all these factors to gather and you might be 5 secs or more off the pace.

This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Relax, speed runner. nobody is trying to insult your disability. Manual > Auto every time. especially when you need that extra and immediate hmpfh in the corners

Gotta love that hmpfh. As opposed to blarrgh, which no-one needs (it means you’re inna wrong gear).

I dont think he was trying to say anything negative about your disability. What he is saying is that auto in any car is slower than manual with clutch. He could/should have phrased it better but that has already been pointed out. Yes auto is managable but to get the full potential out of the car manual with clutch is a much better way to go then race gearbox and a clutch.

As usual the thin skinned arcade crew cant read what i wrote in the first place.

I repeat, the stock rwd cars in the game are too prone to losing the back end compared to the real cars. I think this is to make the mods and upgrades more effective. However this threw up the quirk that tuning and building sim style is not as effective as building an arcade style racer. I have clearly stated that they are faster tunes and deliver great times. They are however not in the spirit of the game. What has been achieved with this approach is effectively Sonic all stars racing with real looking cars. Its impossible for you to argue otherwise. Why? Because if you ask any real motor engineer about how a car is set up the principles used to build a race car are scrupuously ignored.

Yes you are playing the game. Is it realistic? Hell no.

Anybody driving auto knows full well they will be slower. I said that i have won plenty of multiplayer races online. Thats true. I never said i win them all. The majority of the races i finish in the top three or four. Quite often i get crashed out my some expert in a rwd car who cant control the car without:

Crashing into other cars, walls or other parts of the course

Cant steer properly because the camber is so screwed up its like driving jelly

Have developed their ‘racing skills’ (sic) in career mode where its demolition derby time to get a win.

Think running super sticky drag tyres is cool. Shame theres no simulation wear in multiplayer eh?

I could go on but frankly i’m wasting oxygen .

You kids enjoy your game.

Btw dont try and defend AKRA1X. Hes somebody’s little troll. I invite him to meet me in person and then say what he posted.

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Your right, you can win with auto. There is some really slow room out there. But you get in a room with good driver and not going to be very competitve. I recommend a new driver to learn manual as soon as possible.

I get thin skin about people about reporting me for using “diff glitch”.
You group is very critical about how arcady the fast drivers are, then you turn around and put awd muscle cars.
I will meet you any time you want.

Should go with TSC/STM option or only TSC?

I go for Auto now, i wanna learn how to take corners first then i will start with manual shifting.

Thanks for all the answers, any more tips or tricks you can give me?

Dont run tcs on Fwd or awd cars.


You’ll have to adjust your approach with manual, but it’s smart to learn the basics of cornering.

Just know with manual you can use engine braking to brake later and manual usage may cause some cars to step out on you if you upshift at a bad point. Both adjustments can be learned by running rivals against a somewhat faster opponent.

Learn what you can now so you’ll be ready for FM6.

Only TCS and set braking to either ABS on or off but not Auto-brake. Aside from that don’t immediately jump into multiplayer (the community will thank you), go do some career or rivals to get the hang of things, and have fun!


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He could try C500 non-collision lobby as well.

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Good point!

I was curious so I did some testing with my '73 trans-am tune thats capable of top 100 times.
I try it race tran and clutchs and lower the hp to C500.
I also try race tran,clutchs and AWD then lower hp to C500

My times a silverstone National
Original tune w manual clutch-101.7xx
Original tune w auto 103.9xx
Race trans, clutch w auto 104.0xx
Race trans, awd w auto 105.4xx
Notes . The race trans seems to be worth the extra pi for an auto user
Aslo I found the auto shift before redine and peak power.