QUESTION : Damage, Fuel, and Tire Wear

In Forza 4 vehicle damage, fuel depletion, and tire wear were dictated by the same setting (cosmetic, limited, simulation). In Forza 5, is this the same? My hope is that these are separately set. For example, would like to have no or limited damage but yet still need to refuel and replace tires.

Thanks in advance.

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Its the same - cosmetic = no damage and no tyre / fuel depletion, simulation = damage plus fuel and tyre depletion.

Thanks for your answer! It’s certainly not a deal-breaker for me. But I was curious.

On the same subject, I noticed Darin Ganji of ISR reckoned he was faster round the ring after his fuel depleted after a few laps…Placebo? I’ve found it’s not made any difference?