Question about DLC

Hello I just switched from playstation to xbox one a few days ago and i downloaded the forza pack and f&f pack while setting up the new system at a friends house. However i can’t access the dlc content while offline at home. Is there a way that i can access it while offline?

additional info: it was saved onto the xbox system not a flash drive, i have to use my cell phone as a mobile hotspot to access internet (no other internet services available unless i go to a friends house)

It should normally work offline, but did you run the game while connected to Xbox live after downloading the DLC? You may need to do this once to “register” the DLC.

Otherwise just connecting to XBL, playing the game a while and then restarting the console when not connected should get you going again. It is windows after all…reboot! :slight_smile:

Im having this same issue. When i turn of console and leave it off a few hours i get back to playing i cant access my cars offline either.