Playing DLC offline

It seems I cannot find an answer to this. Maybe someone here can help.

I have Forza 4 and all DLC. But I am unable to play the DLC offline. It has all been downloaded to my XBox. I am the original owner and nothing has changed on my account. This is the first time I have tried in about 4 months or longer as I have been traveling quite a bit.

I can connect to the internet but only if I take my Xbox inside as I have moved my gameroom to an external location…and want access to my DLC…my wheel and seat are out in the garage. I am not open to extending my wifi. I want this to be offline only.


Doesn’t seem right. I have downloaded cars that work offline. I THINK. Maybe they didn’t get downloaded to the hard drive. Do you have the xbox w/o a hard drive?

No I have the 250gb drive. It does seem odd. When I check the file system, everything is there. So so so weird.


Frustrating. I’m not much help. LOL.

You may want to try doing a license transfer to your desired console

When you purchase content on the xbox 360 it is attached to your gamertag and it’s attached to the console that it has license to. That one console is the only console that can play the content offline where others would need to maintain a connection to xbox live to use.

You should be able to do it still on or if you get stuck you can always call xbox support (1-800-4MY-XBOX) for them to help guide you through it

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Thanks for the response Timberwolf… but I only own and have ever owned ONE Xbox 360. It is the same console I have always had and always used. I made all purchases from THIS console. So to be clear and spell it out:

I own an Xbox…now since 2010. I purchased all of my Forza 4 DLC from this Xbox. I also downloaded all DLC to this Xbox. All worked fine. I did not logon since the new Xbox came out and changes with Live. I logged on last week, did the console update, etc. Now I MUST log on to access MOST of my DLC, not all of it. A few packs work offline.

I have tried things like clearing my cache. I do not want to lose anything so I dare not delete the Forza Folder or any of the contents inside…unless someone knows a safe way.

Some of the DLC IS available I might add. Specifically the Porsche pack and VIP pack is not available to me…and I think the July pack. All others appear to be intact offline.

I have redownloaded the ones not showing. But I get the same thing…I HAVE to be logged into Live to access the packs (PS…THEY ARE ON MY HD, and THEY ARE linked to my account, and this IS the only Xbox I have).

Any suggestions???


EDIT: Now I also noticed it is doing the same thing on Forza 3 VIP pak.

Is the problem happening with other games then Forza that you have DLC for?

You may not have changed consoles which I saw in the OP but there have been numerous updates to the xbox and it’s service so why I say that a license error is a possibility is because it’s possible that the one issued on the content and the one it’s supposed to be might not be one in the same.

I can understand your frustration I’m just trying to best identify what the problem is whether it’s an xbox problem or a Forza problem

I play using my MIFI card, when I don’t want to be on-line but want to use my DLCs I start game and log in then turn off my MIFI, as long as I don’t back all the way out to the start up page I can use my DLC content. Are u wireless or wired? If wired just run a splitter and cable out to ur garage and when u don’t want to be on-line unplug cable.


Thanks, I know I have seen you for many years online here and appreciate all that you have done for the community!

Heh…I only play Forza. I literally have no other games…Ok I have Dirt 3 and Formula 1 2012. But the only DLC I have is with Forza. It is odd. If I am logged into Xbox live everything is working fine. If not, three or four out of the, what, eight packs do not work. It says DLC content missing.

I re-downloaded all of it just in case. Still not working. I agree with you it must be some update missing or conflicting. If anyone has ideas, I am game to try anything…sans deleting my saved games.


Conttact MS Support with all details about the game, your GT and your XBox and the issue you are having. They should be able to look into what is happening. It isn’t an issue with your save is it?