Private Multi Player lobbies - Multiple issues - Xbox Only

Over the past few weeks we have been seeing problems with the Private Multi-player lobbies

1 - Not seeing all drivers on the grid or during the race

  • Would see this from time to time in FM6 but the usual fix with having the impacted drivers who could not see or been seen would back out of the lobby, restart the game and come back in would clear the issue. That is no longer the case as these drivers just can be seen by various drivers (not everyone)

2 - Delayed starts with multiple buckets not working all the time

  • In FM6, we would set up 4 buckets with a delayed start on each bucket ("group by bucket: to yes) and it worked like a charm. Never had an issue in FM6. In FM7, this does not see to work all the time (more often than not, it does not work). I think it may have something to do with 1 above. Some cars would be held for the time dictated in the lobby settings while others would start with no delay regardless of which bucket they were in. This is something we have done in our weekly series for over a year and never had an issue in FM6

3 - Some cars start before the green flag

  • Although not all the time but there are times where a driver will start well before the rest of the field.

In all of the above, we tried multiple lobbies, only had xbox players in the lobbies (however the Cross-Platform option was enabled). Wondering if that setting could be the issue. Any assistance would be great on how we can work around these issues.


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I personally wish Turn 10 would disclose some of the technical detail on how the network configuration is set up. Seem like it would help the community better configure private lobbies to help ensure a more enjoyable experience for all participants.

I was one of the cars that were invisible to other players on the track (even though I could see everyone else).

I have double checked my NAT type (set to open) and I am hardwired on look 1GB connection. Not sure what other settings I can control. Others in the group that was also invisible reset consoles, routers, and modems. It didn’t seem to help much. I hope that this is a game issue that can be addressed.

It goes without saying how disappointing multiplayer in FM7 is compared to FM6. Maybe this is necessary growing pains as Turn10 grows their PC chops (I am all for them extending their player base).

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Bumping to see if anyone else has these issues and if there is a known fix.