Private Match Issues

Hi there,

While completing the first private championship (12 races, 12 qualis over 3 weeks) with a group of friends (22-19-20 people each week) we found the following issues:

  • Game does not seem to be able to load with 20 or more players in the same lobby. With 16 or below it loads fine, with 17-19 it takes a while but gets there, but with 20 or more it just doesn’t no matter how long we waited. We’ve had to split into 2 Lobbies.
  • Results page at the end of the race does not show some of the Gamertags and it shows repeated Gamertags.
  • Previous race results does not order correctly when “compare best laps” is set to Yes.
  • Replays not always save successfully, 3 out of 4 have no sound and when loading them with a different car than what was raced it loads that car instead of the one used.
  • Sound is lost for minutes randomly and then returns.
  • Not always Simulation damage is effected by the forcing of that option in the advanced rules, as hits with tire barriers seem to cause no damage even when Damage is set to Simulation.
  • People seem to be losing connection to the Match randomly, but I understand this may be due to individual connections and not a general server issue. Some days are better than others though.
  • Still haven’t managed to figure how to put a Rolling Start as no option seems to unlock it.
  • Still no option to reverse grids by results of the previous race.
  • Still need 2 people to open the Match, which unnaceptably delays the start of the proceedings.

Overall, the Private Match options and performance seem to be a backwards step from previous titles. And miles away from Forza 4, which was the pinacle on this. Disapointing!

Best Regards,