Previously Considered Suggestions

The Suggestions Hub on the Forza Forums is a place for you to share your best original ideas for Forza games and upvote those posted by other players that you also agree with. The more votes a suggestion has, the clearer it will be to us and all the teams working on Forza games just how important it is to you.

We review all your feedback, and while we appreciate the time it takes to write and format your suggestions, sometimes, an idea will not make it into the game because it’s not a fit for the Forza franchise. This might be for a variety of reasons, and moving forward, we’ll be using this thread to document the suggestions that we’ve considered but won’t be implementing into our games and when possible, we’ll also share the reasoning behind why that is the case.

Our goal is to keep this page updated with insightful context and learnings as we begin these discussions with the game teams, so we recommend that you bookmark it and check back regularly for updates. Feel free to use the jump links below to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Please do not create new threads for the ideas discussed on this page. That way we can ensure the Suggestions hub is a productive resource for both our players and game developers.

If you’re new to the Suggestions Hub, please consult our posting guidelines as well as our guide on how to write great suggestions, as doing so will help us ensure your ideas have full visibility across our studios.

Your contributions allow us to create a better Forza experience for everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read, share and upvote ideas!