FORZA DEVS, READ THIS: We are sick and tired of the lack of effort from the devs put into this game

It don’t seem like many of them are involved with this forum too much other than ManteoMax really :smiley:

Although i cant see this communication as them bogging down on everything and i think there might be some unrealistic expectations involved along the lines. Its not as if they’d have so much to say unless they’re addressing something very specific and this particular topic has turned into so many things. Like obviously they wont come here and get into conflicts just for the sake of communicating.

But sure they could address specific feedback and suggestions all over the forums. And how about Previously Considered Suggestions ? Its just an empty thread that basically says:

" …we’ll be using this thread to document the suggestions that we’ve considered but won’t be implementing into our games and when possible, we’ll also share the reasoning behind why that is the case. "

Last edited July22. I guess they wont be addressing feedback/suggestions?