FORZA DEVS, READ THIS: We are sick and tired of the lack of effort from the devs put into this game

Yeah, no. We are genuinely sick and tired of how LAZY the devs are. They’re not giving the REAL FANS what they want! This is actually a disgrace. From making an absolute godawful storyline with godawful characters that talk to u like ur 5, made me cringe to the point of feeling sick, to putting in the lowest effort updates possible. Literally NO new features have been added apart from ‘ray tracing’ and some dry ass storyline. No new cars, just recycled cars, cars such as wooden horse drawn carriages from the 1700s featured in FH4 that have no relation to donut media. No new rocket bunny kits either. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME, not the stupid little 5 year olds who don’t care. Literally EVERYONE hates this update, everyone can see clearly how lazy the devs are. ADD NEW FEATURES, CHANGE THE STUPID ENGINE SOUNDS, HOW ABOUT ADD ANTI LAG TO THE GAME, ADD NEW CARS SUCH AS THE G87 M2 OR 400Z, ADD WHAT WE ASKED FOR!!
If you keep on going the way you’re going, killing your own game, it will turn into HALO. A lifeless and forgotten shell of a game that nobody plays anymore. Do you think we want that? Do YOU want that?
Edit: I really hope the Forza devs are reading this post.


The management needs a clear out, they are just completely incompotent.Professional people who know what they are doing need to be employed in their place, people who understand car culture and racing.The devs seem to be pretty incapable of doing anything too technical, things like fixing the terrible ai, fixing treasure hunts that have not worked since release, these things seem to be beyond them,I bet that they cannot even code.The company has turned into a farce.

In the past months more and more people are bad mouthing this game, even some of the youtubers who normally never say anything bad about the state of this product, are moaning now.Bad word of mouth getting around can destroy a product very quickly, I blame them at the top of the company mostly for this.And this makes me sad to say, I love this franchise, FH3 is probably my favorite racing game.


What u said is absolute facts.
Tbh, though I am in the middle of college, If I wasn’t at college, I could quite easily be the ‘manager’ or ‘creative director’ of the game and sort of dictate in a way, although I don’t know anything about technical stuff, but I should be the person giving out ideas and orders, and I will listen to the fans for the once and not target the game to stupid little kids.


Going from FH4 to FH5 it really feels like they phoned it in knowing that with some new supercars, 4k 60fps, and gamepass, they don’t need to put a ton of effort to keep people churning the playlist. Just sprinkle some new FOMO cars here and there, add the bare minimum of content and bug fixes and keep the cash cow rolling.


Wow there’s so much negativity.

Look, I used to love the Horizon series. And pretty much many of us. I remember when the original FH came out and I was discovering how awesome the first game was. It was like a real festival, not what FH5 did, sadly.

Now, I do like FH5. It’s practically a good game, but there’s plenty of issues that have held it back that makes it a competent cruising simcade. The excessive backlog of recycled cars because T10/PG didn’t renew the licenses in time, the FOMO Festival Playlist (look, we know it’s a bad system but frankly it’s not as bad as everyone claims it is), short-sighted management and poor Let’s Go streams for recent streams. The game having to cater to kids (which is precisely the reason why the music is butchered beyond belief).

I’ve tried as hard as I can but it’s so painful. This is just as bad as FM7 though the difference here is FM7 at least managed to back down on some very controversial mechanics. FH5 on the other hand is flip-sided. They said “we listen to your feedback closely”, but I’m not entirely sure that’s true since that alone can take years, realistically.

I mean, this game can’t be any worse than those terrible F2P games, right?

EDIT: And as far as cars go, everything is dictated by licensing. We get it, there are some people who appeal the new M2 but it can take up to 2 years at best for it to materialize. Ever heard of NDAs?

Even with all this disappointment I still enjoy this game. Simply put, if you enjoy a game, you enjoy a game.


This excuse is getting a bit tiring. So let’s take the '46 Ford for example. Ford already has 20+ licensed vehicles in the game and randomly doesn’t want to license the '46 until now? Same with the Morris and Mini, why would they have an issue with those 2 vehicles when they already have cars in game.

This was planned all along, 99% of licensing happens prior to launch. Yes, there are some exclusions (Lancia, Alfa). But not within a company that has already licensed cars for use in the game at launch.

Plus, we already have 2022 cars in game (Extreme E), so the time thing is a bit of a wash.


Short answer: Money

Long answer: The time side is one thing, but every licensing agreement has Money and Parties that want said money involved, there could be a problem from one of the parties where they don’t agree to the money that’s been offered, so that could’ve delayed it, the Super Deluxe also being in Back To The Future being another

It’s 2022, are we really still trying the tired ol’ exclusionary “real fans” ploy?


People are also still participating in console wars, so… pretty much


Because it’s Forga Recyclezon 5😂


Took a long break from this game and these forums, nice to see the level of incompetence being put into this game is only increasing.

This series needs a purge. Asap.


Seriously? The convertible in BTTF isn’t the same as the Woody, for one. Secondly, the movie would have paid licensing to have that vehicle. The two don’t corelate…at all. Never mind the fact that those movies are ancient at this point and would have no influence on decision making for Ford. DeLorean, maybe (and that’s a big if), and yet we have the DeLorean…


I don’t think effort is the issue. As far as I can see, I think the issues are:

  1. A lack of proper QA (which is a personnel issue likely stemming from bad upper management)
  2. The decision making process surrounding the game (which likely but not necessarily stems from upper management).
  3. Horrible servers (likely a Microsoft level issue), which have never once worked as advertised and likely never will.
  4. Licensing limbo (hard to pin blame there, could easily be external)

I think the effort is there, it’s just been applied in such a haphazard and nonsensical way, and supported by not enough QA and a failure of a server infrastructure (sadly par for the course for Microsoft). They keep pouring effort into reinventing the wheel as opposed to iterating on what worked in the old games, and keep producing these stories that few people care about and think that’s what we mean by “gameplay content” when we click that option in the poles.

There is just this massive disconnect between the devs and what people actually want, or what could genuinely make this game better.


Well said. Complacency is a MAJOR issue with modern game development. Have they ever heard of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? This old saying is true. And they’re hurting the potential with the game.

FH5 has so much potential (recreation of Mexico, fun driving) but those valid points you made make it seem like the game is essentially a glorified free-to-pay game. Pre-FH4 games were NEVER like this. At all.

People always say the devs are “lazy.” It’s not entirely true as they’re working hard on whatever the next Horizon will take place. “They put no effort”. Actually complacency is the problem, not lack of effort.

And there’s plenty of stuff they could fix as well, and if we provide constructive criticism, it’ll happen. Shame most of them are in the “won’t fix” section. :frowning:


Just look at this list:

The amount and kind of bugs they refuse to fix is just embarrassing.


I think there’s a Forza YouTuber that said it best:

“PGG needs to stop being a part of Forza Horizon. They are RUINING the franchise.”

This series is going down the drain.


“This series is going down the drain.”

Unfortunatly this series has already gone down the drain.The youtuber is right, the game needs a new developer, because pgg has proved with the last two titles, that the company just cannot hack it anymore.


I’m of the opinion that the current team of developers at PGG aren’t devs at all - it’s the marketing/PR team cosplaying as developers, and as far removed from the subject matter as one can get. And much like the new owner of a certain social media company is currently Finding Out, you don’t Fool Around with things like that haphazardly.

I have to agree with the other guy, unfortunately. The franchise appears to be there already. The question is now whether Turn 10 can salvage and rebuild the reputation that the Horizon franchise has ended up wrecking. That may be too tall of an order for the team responsible for Motorsport 5 and 7; that said, I consider the work they did to fix 7 nothing short of admirable.


I have hope that a team like Turn 10 could fix Forza Horizon, if they took the reins. Unfortunately, that likely won’t happen.

Dumbnut Media Festival Painlist - Part 2 coming in 2023!

Precisely! Licensing is just something we throw around like a silly putty excuse for why this or why that. And it’s something we all know nothing about. I doubt there is one car company out there anymore, since Toyota said yes we’ll join, who wouldn’t jump to get their cars in a video game. Especially when their marketing people talk to the game marketing people and hear that “20 million” line. And I would bet on the odds the game Licensing Lawyers put clauses in the agreements to pick up out of production vehicles. So it’s just a matter of getting the car production studios to replicate the vintage vehicles. And the vintage vehicles already in possession of Microsoft Game Studios are more than likely available just a matter of what to put where and what to hold back for the new games.

And this, as far as any other licensing talk is just wild guess talk.