How to Write Great Suggestions

Your feedback is important to us, and we want to use your suggestions to make Forza games even better. Here’s a few tips to help you formulate your ideas in a clear, constructive, and concise manner:

  • Keep suggestions focused on a single idea per post. Doing so ensures that can identify which ideas are receiving upvotes.

  • If your thread only contains links or pictures (even of text), this is not considered a post and will be removed.

  • “More cars” is not an idea. :blush: We know you love cars; we have a dedicated section for Car Voting and Branded Car Parts.

  • Carefully check which bucket your ideas fits best, we’ve broken suggestions down by a variety of features in both Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport.

  • Pictures should only be added when they are helpful. Please ensure that your text accurately expresses your idea without the need of images.

  • Be specific especially with thread titles – we want to ensure that we can easily identify your feedback.

  • Ensure that you suggestion includes all the relevant context – a thread title won’t be enough for our teams to get a full understanding of your idea.

  • Search before writing a suggestion. If your idea has already been posted. please do not create a duplicate suggestion. Instead upvote the existing thread and add additional details in a reply if appropriate.

  • Please do not post game bugs or exploits. Instead, you are encouraged to report those to our Forza Support and Safety team so we can investigate.

  • To ensure your post is easy on the eyes of readers, please do not post in ALL CAPS.

  • Treat your idea as a discussion starter, where others can upvote your suggestion and provide additional context on that same idea. They are not petitions.

  • Do not be abusive or dismissive towards other people or their ideas – they only want to make the game better for everyone, just as you do. If you don’t agree with someone’s suggestion, leave it and create your own suggestion.

  • If you haven’t played Forza in some time, please check that your suggestion wasn’t already added in a game update – our teams have been busy! :wink:

  • If your suggestion is related to the new Forza Motorsport, check out this Year in Review post which summarizes the gameplay and physics upgrades we discussed in 2021.

We hope the suggestions forums are a useful tool for us and our community that make our games even better for everyone playing. Thanks for taking the time to read, share and upvote ideas!

We’re listening to your feedback and while submissions are not guaranteed to materialize, we can assure that your suggestions are being read and seen by all the right people at our studios.