Navigating Suggestions categories and Voting on topics

Our Suggestions Hub is open - make sure you post to the right place:

Navigating Forums Categories

Start by looking at the Forums categories structure as a whole at - each box represents a master category with subcategories within it. Clicking on a category will change the view to show all topics within that category, which can be sorted by Latest post, number of Votes, etc.

The Suggestions Hub has these main category groups:


  • Car Voting - voting on car models for both Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport. Topics are curated by Forza Staff.
  • Branded Car Parts - voting on bodykits, wheels, etc from real world brands.
  • User Car Wish Lists - a non-voting area for users to show off their combined car wishlists in their own thread. If you want these cars to appear in Forza games, you’ll need to vote in the Car Voting category.

Horizon Features and Motorsport Features Subcategories

These subcategories are similar for both franchises but are separated in order to help developers identify ideas specific to their title.

Accessibility Ideas for assisting disabled gamers
Audio & Music Songs and sounds
Car Features Grouping, operating, painting, and upgrading cars in game
Creative / Personalization Character customization and managing your in-game creations
Economy / Progress Credits, XP, rewards, collecting cars etc
Environment Weather and world design; Track Voting is its own category for Forza Motorsport
Gameplay General driving and racing features
Hardware Devices PC, console, wheels and peripherals
Menus & Interface Menus navigation, HUD, and data
Multiplayer / Online Playing with other gamers

Other Suggestions

This section is for Forza ideas outside the games.

  • Forums Suggestions - categories and layout etc
  • Communications - and other channels, livestreaming etc
  • Misc Suggestions - Any ideas that don’t fit in existing categories; we’ll consider adding new categories if appropriate.

Posting and Tagging

Once again, a reminder to read through the Getting Started With Suggestions tips and guidelines before posting. In short: Check for an existing topic on your idea, limit topics to one idea, and make the title clear and specific.

Within the Horizon Features and Motorsport Features subcategories, we further organize topics with the use of tags. Look for a “READ FIRST” post pinned at the top of each subcategory describing which tag to use for your idea. Choosing a tag from the dropdown is required for Features topics.

For example, the Horizon Features > Car Features category has six tags to choose from. If the topic idea wasn’t related to Activations, Garage, Grouping, Painting, or Upgrades, you would select fh-Car-Misc and then add a Title and description before creating your topic.


Once the topic has been created, users will be able to Vote on the idea by clicking Vote above the topic title. If you have voted but change your mind, you can click Vote again to remove your vote.


When you are in a subcategory view, you’ll be able to select a tag from the dropdown in the upper left to filter topics. And you’ll be able to change the topic display from the most Votes to the Latest replied, Top recent topics, and My Votes to show where you have already voted.