Prestige of FH5

So I hit the first prestige last night but there isn’t really an indicator or icon by the name to even let you know you moved up. 2 super spins showed up and i thought I completed a different task that got me those, I didn’t even realize I was past level 200. It just reset the number back to one.

Maybe mods who have made it past 200 will throw us some info on it.

The 2 super wheel spins are for your prestige each time, Best bet is to just bank up for a rainy day.
I’m 30 levels off prestige 3 and with my weekly supers I should have about 20 by Christmas. There isn’t a whole lot of accolades that’ll give super wheel spins as reward prizes and the ones that do aren’t very difficult to complete if you put your mind to it.

Good luck getting them prestige’s!

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Just curious, how do you know how many times you’ve leveled up?

How are you getting weekly super spins? Are you just talking about the gifted ones or is there another way I’m missing on getting them weekly?

I’m Prestige 3 level 100 or so and I’m not entirely sure how it works I’m afraid.

I think I figured it out! It seems to only show in Horizon Life. It does not show any prestige level in multiplayer.

To Jezza and FN, this approach might have been taken not to “intimidate” other players you run into while in competitive modes. Just a guess.

Wouldn’t surprise me if you’re right but how silly would that be? Where is the ‘prestige’ if nobody else can see it but you? It would be like me buying a Rolex but only wearing it at home and putting on a cheap watch when I go out!

Isn’t DRC’s point the fact that it sounds like it doesn’t show what prestige you are at (so FH4 would have e.g. 7* 100)? I can’t see a beneficial reason why the prestige level would be removed so hopefully it can be added back in? It’s fairly dumb that someone with hours of experience in the game can show as the same level as a complete newbie.

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Prestige is a poor metric as you earn more XP with 5 skill points and a Jeep than a 5 minute race.

Game so PC that ‘Everyone is a Winner’

The way FH4 did it was poor too really. When you had players with thousands of hours of time under their belts, with a ‘low’ rank and a pastel colour, whereas newer players could have high numbers and a nice gold colour rank, it was silly. I know the little prestige star number was there, but wouldn’t it have been better to just have 0-2999 or whatever, like FH3 did? Bigger number, better colour, always better and obviously so to yourself and other players? Keep it simple.

Imagine if they did this in the military. You could have an experienced general but he is in a private’s uniform, and the only way you’d know he is a general is he has a tiny prestige star on his arm somewhere, which you can hardly notice. Meanwhile there are privates or lance corporals looking like generals because they haven’t prestiged yet.

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So no prestige stars and it doesn’t keep counting up? It just goes back to level 1?

Its visible in the namefield above the car (was same in fh4)

Have they said if they’re going to fix this yet? I currently have a gold rank, I actually like that colour, even though I have only just started FH5, my rank in this game feels more special than my prestige 8 rank in FH4 because here I have gold, and in that I have some other colour (red I think). But at least the prestige system shows other players I’m not a newbie, for what that’s worth. And if that isn’t the point of it, what is? We all know how long we ourselves have played, so its sole purpose is to show other people.

Game design 101, you should never give people something good (a high number and/or a gold rank) and then unceremoniously take it away from them, for no benefit. Call of Duty started the prestige system but it was optional, and you got a new emblem to show other players that you’d done it. It’s like the developers aren’t familiar with how video games work?

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Any official word on this?

So I just ‘prestiged’…

But on leaderboards I look like a brand new player.

What’s prestigious about that?

Why is reaching a game milestone a deflating experience when you lose your gold rank, rather than something which should feel exciting like you achieved something? In Forza it feels like you’ve been shortchanged.

Feeling shortchanged seems to be a theme in this game :smiley:

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