Give us the ability to earn super wheels spins

So PG doesn’t want us to have super wheel spins. Ok, but how do we get them now without mastery farming?

FH4 you got them every 10 levels IIRC, 2 weekly for VIP, and 3 weekly for the PR stunts minimum. You also leveled up the different race types playing and would get them that way in addition to car mastery. In 5 I’ve completed every race, or stunt, and story. I don’t remember getting very many the whole time outside of the Willy’s. Weekly pr stunts don’t give super wheel spins anymore. We were blessed with 1 this week for playground games :(. Most of the accolades award nothing and wheel spins are just as rare outside of leveling up. I could do races all day online and off and not earn a single super wheel spin. Accolade rewards often give nothing and forzathon points are rare or nigh impossible to earn.

So it begs the question, if you want us to earn them how are we supposed to? If the intention is for them to be rare and you only get maybe 2-3 a week, if you paid for VIP, they need to cut all the BS clothes and horns and rewards should be more on par with the rarity. Give us an option to earn them or work towards them outside of farming skill points and buying the same car repeatedly. Give us some longevity to keep playing other than checking in once a week for new cars.


Grinding them with forzathon points is an option. I’m 2 star prestige now and with that level ingame in FH4 I already owned pretty much everything there was to have. It really came down to weekly grinding the newly released cars.
In FH5 I still have quite a bit of clothes, horns and around 20 or so cars waiting for me to grab them somehow, pretty OK for me as I feel it would be dull to have everything already 2 weeks after the game was released.


I get too many cars too fast already, I want less of being given cars every 5 minutes. Give PG another 3 years to make FH6.

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I think its about right now. I finished FH4 with over 200 unspent super wheelspins, I think they did give out too many.

I do miss the Season rewards though that were linked to your online rank, with no online ranking anymore do they even still exist?

I had several hundred regular wheel spins in fh4. After you finish the races though there is a pretty sharp drop off of rewards or incentive to keep going. All we have are accolades and accolade points do nothing. Forza points are possible hopefully in the future but currently aren’t viable.


There are still cars with super wheelspin for ~14 perk points.

It’s a little harder now but 5 skill points for 7000XP and a superwheelspin was a joke.
Still a very generous deal as in FH4 it was similar for a normal wheel spin or ~ 20 to earn 150k.


I concede it is fine currently but I don’t know if they think it’s fine. If they change it then we won’t have any way to obtain them. It’s a racing game so it would make sense we should have some ability to earn them through racing. Instead we have to buy multiples of the same car and use the mastery system in a way it wasn’t intended.

Honestly, it is better now than it was. Super wheel spins shouldn’t be that easy or cheap to get


They can leave the ratio the way it is, just guarantee something new on the super wheel spin. One of those three rolls will be a car you don’t have. Or keep the super wheel spin roster updated to include the newly added cars in the seasonal events so there are opportunities to win one if you miss an event week. I am fine with only 2-4 super wheelspins per week if they are worth more. Cuz there’s nothing like getting a 60s transit van, 30k and some socks in exchange for a super wheel spin.

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Patience and forzathon grind to buy em. They come like candies once you are into the game for a while. Like in FH4. Im surprised you even ask this…

In FH4 you could by a Spin for 150 Points. In FH5 it costs you 300 Points…
The only thing I do in FH5 is farming skill points in my Viper and buy trash cars to get super wheelspins, since racing or the story is not rewarding you that much with anything.


The price of SWSs in FH4 increased from 150 points to 300 points when FH5 was announced…so they have just carried the pricing across

I’m still getting a car every 10 minutes, I don’t know what you’re doing.

It is not about the cars you are getting every 10 minutes. I have currently approx. 460 (unique) cars, but if you would like to have ALL cars in your garage (also all 10+ Mio. cars, Wheelspin, etc.) you need a way to get Super Wheelspins, otherwise you cannot earn all million cars in the game.

The problem you have is that you want to be done with the entire game in the first month. The idea is that it should take 3 or 4 months to earn everything, even if you try and grind it, otherwise there’s no reason for you to keep coming back. They aren’t, and absolutely should never EVER cater to people like you, because it would ruin everything for everyone else. I hated the constant rain of credits, and super wheelspins in FH4, because long before FH5 was even being mentioned, I had hundreds of regular wheelspins, hundreds of super wheelspins, maxed out credits, and literally nothing left to buy or win. If anything, they need to slow things down again here. Make super wheelspins harder to get, and make things last a little longer.

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No offense to op but at this point super wheel spins are the last thing I care about at this stage lol

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SuperWheelSpins should be rarer. They rained down in FH4. I am surprised how many car masteries have these now thou (Willys Jeep you are noted!).

I also agree that this game presently throws too many cars at you. This needs to slow down. I like new cars but this is a bit silly.

Better to have Wheelspins with Credits so I can choose what to buy.

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Depends how quickly you want all the cars. Patience is a virtue.

Eventually you will get all of the cars (I think FH4 took about a year of normal play to get them all bar the PO cars).

You don’t always need a SuperWheelSpin to get the really expensive cars. Just looks at the AMG One - it’s part of this series’s playlist. Sometimes the expensive cars are in the playlist or at a discount in the Auction House.

Also you can buy the high priced cars in the auction house. You can sometimes get them cheap. In 30 minutes you will usually find a cheap car.

Yes overall this should be a 3 year game.