Wheel spins in super wheelspins are super disappointing , also customisation

please make super wheel spins in the wheel spins better
, and also customisation the games very boring for car

You don’t like wining 1k, 5k and 20k from superwheel spins???

Maybe play the game a bit more? Personally I’m at the stage where I’ve got so many credits I don’t know what to do with them (about 90 million) and the 2 free weekly super wheelspins I get for being a VIP I just delete the message as I don’t need the credits or cars.

I actually think the game is too easy to get credits.

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I agree with Pandemic credits are super super easy to obtain… at least I think so anyways. Especially when you compare it to older titles

Also for the customization point… Im pretty sure we all want new customization but its very complicated. First of all licensing plays a huge role in anything like this. Not even to mention most manufacturers are using the Forza Franchise to help sell their vehicles irl. There are quite a few car enthusiasts who mostly play just for the cars. Heck recently i know of someone who used forzavista to view the inside of a car and ended up driving 5 hrs out of state to test drive the same car and actually purchase it… my point is most manufacturers want to showcase their cars as close to their rl unmodified counterpart as possible as they can hook people as a marketing technique (tour the car basically)

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