I noticed on Saturday evening that our friend Jonk was showing as level 16 and knew that couldn’t be right so I checked closer and next to the 16 was a star and the number one. Turns out he had prestiged at level 200. Not being one to let Jonk get too far ahead of me, I too prestiged myself yesterday afternoon.

So, when the question inevitably comes up about level cap, we’ve got something new now, prestige levels, to take into consideration.


1 and a star, explain please
1 and a star

What does prestiging get you or what does it reset?

The fulsome pride that necessarily attends achievement of one’s goals.

Other than that, nothing that I can see.

Been a long time since anyone saw fit to append a star next to my name though, so I’ve got that going for me.


It’s a prestige level.

If you prestige do you lose anything? You don’t have to start all the 26 individual levels again or buy houses or cars again. Or even character clothes right? Literally just the star and thats it?

There’s an Achievement for hitting Level 200.

Other than that it’s the same as any other level-up.

Just the star and the undying admiration of your fellow forum posters.

At least that’s what I got.


But you already had that…

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I’m going to push to get there tonight. I’m gonna have to replay alot of the long races because there’s nothing NEW left to complete. 167-200 might take the entire night #envious


Thanks. Ima push to get it soon too then. Gotta be first outta my friend group and in my club. Simply cant allow them to beat me

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I’ve got that too, but I’m curious. Does anyone know once you do another 200 levels, does the ‘1’ become a ‘2’?


Yes it is what will happen. Prestige 1 + level 200 increase to Prestige 2 + level 1

No it is not. I am currently prestige 1 and level 201. 401)
Once at prestige 1 it goes up to 1 + 400 for p2, 2 + 600 for p3 etc

to get to 1 star you need 200 levels, 2 stars 300, 3 stars 400, and so on

185, getting closer

Is this Forza or Call Of Duty?


i just hit Prestige 2, at this point i really dont think level matters now

Still a ways to go before my prestige pops at 200, but I got the star and the gold banner around my gamertag at 150.

Question: Do you still earn rewards every so often at Lvl 200 (just cycling through a progress bar over and over with rewards) or do you need to Prestige to continue earning rewards from ranking up?