Yeah, just goes from 15k a level to 25k a level.

Tier 13 and level 203. I am thrilled to get my 13 rewards

So ive been playing since friday and ive noticed on the leaderboards that some players have a star and a number ontop of it right before their name. Does anyone know what this actually means?

reach level 200 and then prestige, rinse and repeat…

Right so as far as i was aware you level up to 200 and then ‘prestige’ back to 1 then repeat, I now am 1 star level 202 (silver square) does anyone know the actual way the leveling works on this game haha my only guess is that the levels go up 100 each time so here’s what I think is going to happen no star lvl 200, 1star lvl 300, 2 star lvl 400, 3 star lvl 500 and so on also I’m going to say when you hit lvl 1000 that’s it, that’s all just a guess but makes sense to me haha

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My assumption is that you’ll get a prestige star every 200 levels. That won’t change. However, the thing that changes is the XP required to gain a level. Until 200 it’s 15k, for prestige 1 i think it’s 25k? or 20k. So for prestige 3 will be 30/35k etc.

So the further you level, the longer it will take to grind out those 200 levels.

But I’m lvl 202 and still 1 star

I’m prestige 21 now. This game is addicting!

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Very addicting! Prestige 62 for me


Has anyone prestige twice yet? Assume you get a “2” under the star.

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I think it also affects the points on ranked adventure. After I prestiged I only lost 29 points instead of around 87, when my team lost. I did also win a couple of races, so that may have affected it as well

I don’t know, I’m 180+, so probably gonna prestige this weekend.

I’ve seen people around with prestige icons, that weird star and number underneath.

Honestly, I had to think about it for a while to figure out it was that. It sort of feels cheap. I feel it should more clearly state that (hey, this guys already has 200 freaking levels under his belt, plus these ones). A fancier border, I don’t know, something that does’t look so… placeholder/debug. Feels like an afterthought honestly.


I hear if you do that too often you’ll go blind.


I’d seen some of them next to people’s names around the top of leaderboards, so I’d thought it meant that person is #1 on at least one FH4 leaderboard somewhere. I’m much less impressed now I know what it really means!

Right so had a few hours leveling today and I’m now lvl 223 still 1 star and the box where the level is next your name is silver, I really wish I knew how it works this leveling haha
I’m starting to think is there even a prestige system now but then again why would there be a 1 next to little star if not I’m so confused

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I’m 275, so i’m curious to see how it’ll progress to 100+ and the star next to it. I’ll be grinding out ranked games this weekend. I only have the last 2 barns and I cant get those for another 2 weeks. Not much left to do


Stodgy have you already reset to zero once?

I think your initial analysis may well be correct.

0 to 200 then prestige.
*1 = 0 to 300 then prestige.
*2 = 0 to 400 then prestige.
Up to maybe *10

Each reset to zero requiring more so

If this is the way it works I like it… Quite novel.

As I understand it from Jonk, prestige levels are at every 200 levels but I’ll see if I can get clarification on that somehow.

So 1 star at 200, two stars at 400, three stars at 600, etc.

As Stodgy is at prestige 1 but has gone to 226 without prestiging again I assume you mean:

0 to 200 prestige 1
Reset to zero
0 to 400 Prestige 2
Reset to zero
0 to 600 Prestige 3
Reset to zero

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I also think this is how it works, I will continue to grind out levels and let everyone know what happens, I’m at lvl 246 atm and it is still silver so I’m guessing it will go gold when I am lvl 300 so as above lvl 400 will be a prestige