Premium Edition access to exclusive cars

I just feel that when you buy a premium edition of a game you should as premium “member” have access to everything in the game, regardless of what you do, therefore I would like to open the Forza Communities eyes and inform everyone who purchased the premium edition that it is unfair that some of the cars are behind a soft lock because you did not complete a challenge. In other games at the price point of forza horizon 5 premium you would have access to every bit of content. I feel FH5 should allow its premium users to be able to buy any vehicle regardless if it was an event car.

No thanks. Then the game becomes less play worthy. You get plenty of perks with the purchase of premium edition already.

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I agree - already loads of stuff given freely especially on Premium. The only ones I had an issue with were the having to buy something outside the game - that should’t be part of it.
I have a perfectly good controller and no need for lipstick or whatever it was.

I think it was nail polish to get the GT

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Don’t use that either - but thanks for the info.
Maybe I’ll just get some floor polish and paint a few woodscrews with it. :grin:
Oh wait - it needs to be Nails.

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Just finished painting my Nails - Floor looks great.
Do I get the car now ?


Maybe contact PG and they’ll give you one for your dedication

Or maybe just a coupon for some more polish, just wasted the the last of it on a car that I can’t get… :smiling_face_with_tear: