Porsche GT3 RS Amazon Pre Order Question


i bought Forza Horizon 4 on XBox Marketplace and a Code for the “Porsche GT3 RS” and “Forza Horizon Bomber Jacket” on eBay seperatly.

I recieved only one code.

I redemmed it and it displays “you get the horizon jacket”.the question is where is the "Porsche GT3 RS?

For all Amazon Pre orderer, do you get 2 codes for each or 1 code for both items?!

Thank you in advance

I have also had that issue so you are not alone I have the jacket but not got the car as promised I pre ordered from Amazon and only got the one code so Im not entirely sure what has happened

Have you checked your ready to install section

Also have you gone to the autoshow and collected it

it aint in the autoshow to collect for me however i do see the Clothing item in my customisation menus so cant work out whats going on

which Porsche is it meant to be exactly , which year

Have you looked under the dlc section in the autoshow since its dlc

I have the same problem. Only received the jacket. No Porsche GT3 RS". I am thinking of contacting Amazon. The car wasn’t at the garage either. I am thankful it isnt just me.

The email that I had only says this:

Pre-Order Forza Horizon 4 standard/Ultimate edition before the release date and you’ll receive a promotional code to access the Porsche 911 GT3RS DLC for your personal garage, plus an in-game bomber jacket. Your code will be e-mailed to you within 48 hours of dispatch. Please note that the Offer is only valid for Xbox live accounts registered in the UK.

Oh I have just read the DLC part. Perhaps that explains it?

I bought the Porsche 911 GT3 RS + bomber jacket dlc from someone and I got two codes. One for the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and another one for the bomber jacket. Both items waited then as seperate dlc in my ready to install list.

So if you people just got one code and got only the bomber jacket with it then it seems amazon messed something up. I don’t know where the codes I bought came from cause some Austrian retailers offered the Porsche + bomber jacket as preorder dlc too so it wasn’t only exclusive to amazon.

By the way, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS Pre Order Edition pop up from time to time in the auction house but the sell very fast. Got another one last night for 259.000 cause I thought could sell it for much much more till I found out the maximum the game let me get for it is 265.000. lol I still placed it in the auction house and it got sold within 1 minute.

i just messaged an Amazon customer service rep hoping they send a code however not holding up any hope even though i would love the car. they said i have to wait a day and they are looking into it

I already contacted Amazon twice, the first one said that I get the codes from Microsoft, the other one said, I get them today, but still no codes.

I had the same issue, and I pre-ordered (2) copies through Amazon. I contacted Amazon through their chat, and they provided me with the 25-digit code for each copy. I have yet to go home and confirm that the code works.

I hope this helps!

I bought the ultimate edition through amazon.

I received the game code first and about a week later received the car code.

This was before the game was actually released so I still got the car code before the game came out

Was this for Amazon UK only? If not, the only code I got from Amazon.com was for the GT3, which I have been using since the launch of the Ultimate Edition.

Is this GT3 the same as either of the other 2 GT3s but with a special livery or is it a totally different model Porsche? I’m a bit of a Porsche completist so I may have to try tracking one down in the auction house if it is indeed different.


It’s the blue 2016 one. It specifically says preorder and the rarity is not the same as the one you can get in the auction house. That one is an epic whereas this the PREORDER is a legendary.

It is just a tuned version of the normal GT3 and if you don’t have the DLC for it, you can’t use it so there is no point in trying to find on in the AH.

Sorry dude but you’re wrong. I have 2 gt3 preorders, a Camaro preorder and the Aston Martin preorder.

Then they changed the way pre-order DLC works, originally if you didn’t own the car you could not use it. Either that or it’s a bug.

Nothing has changed.
I have several Pre-Order cars in FH3, too.