Polls: FM Update 3 content recap

There is too much emphasis on “content” rather than “features”.

They can throw as many cars, tracks, and events at Forza as they want to, but they won’t resolve the underlying issues with the game. Even bug fixes will only go so far. We could have a very stable and functional game, sure, but features will still be lacking.

What I would like to see is

  • More free play/private multiplayer features (Customize grid, “bigger is better” scoring options, the ability to individually choose what AI drivers drive which cars, more control over weather, etc.)
  • Spectator mode (and working replays of course)
  • Livery editor features (Fixes for painting rims, the ability to change the finish of vinyls like in FH5, fixing the finish of decals applied over chrome and carbon, etc.)
  • Community features, such as a storefront, auction house, etc.

And, of course, less FOMO and more changes to caRPG/car xp/etc.