[POLL] Forza Motorsport 7 Track Pass (NOT A WISHLIST)

Hello, everyone. As you may have heard already, Turn 10 has unveiled all of the tracks for Forza Motorsport 7 that will be available at launch. It seems that only 4 tracks were added since the Nascar DLC from Forza Motorsport 6. As I am disappointed with the amount of new tracks, I would like to conduct a poll in order to provide feedback to Turn 10.

I would like to know if Forza Motorsport 7 offered a track pass that included 5-6 tracks and cost $50, would you be interested in it?

Here is the link to my poll:

The poll will be open for 7 days. After it closes I shall post the results on the forums. Thank you.


I must apologize for not updating everyone sooner, but here are the results of the 1st poll.

40% - Said they would be interested in the idea of a track pass, not necessarily for $50.

60% - Said they did not like the idea of a track pass.

*Also, the more I thought about the recent expansions with forza 5 and 6, it seems that the valuation for the tracks themselves, that were included in the expansions, were $8-$10 a piece. This leads me to propose a secondary track pass idea that includes 3 tracks for $30. Let me know what you think.

Also, let me know which types of tracks you would like to see from the options below. NOTE: Be general in description, this is not a wishlist.

1- Tracks returning to Forza

2- Fictional tracks New to Forza

3-Real world race tracks New to Forza

4-Real world street circuits New to Forza (Like F1’s street circuit locations)

5-Real world street circuits New to Forza - (Ex. Like racing around real world locations, on real streets, but the circuit is designed by Turn 10)

The last two options I put examples to better explain the type of tracks.

*REMEMBER: This is NOT a wishlist thread, so please do not list particular tracks. I do not want this thread to be locked because of someone promoting particular tracks. Choose from the 5 types of tracks above, please.

I don’t have twitter


Yeah what he said… Twitter for kids…LOL

No way, especially not at that price. That is nearly the cost of the base game. There are already enough tracks in the game for me.


For $25 i’m interested.

I’d say maybe 4 tracks for $24.99 and maybe throw in a few free cars

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Voted no.

A similar thread came up recently and I proposed this:

Microsoft still get plenty of cash while the tracks don’t split the community and get the attention they deserve.


I haven’t really posted yet to the forums but have to this time.
Most of people will have a thing or two about T10 and forza and that is okay, of course we want more tracks and sure I am one who likes to pay for a few extra tracks, especially if they pick some nice European ones. one way or another they try to make a good game and some extra DLC money helps them to!

BUT!!! for sure if they will do it like the gears of war 4 type of deal, we will get the same thing as with GTA where only the online players get to benefit from the new DLC ór you have to pay a ton to enjoy the same.

No, That price is WAY too high for a track pass. What I think T10 should do is introduce new tracks with expansions just like FM6, but instead of limiting the tracks to expansion owners the track comes from a FREE update along side the Expansions. So everyone gets the tracks for online and freeplay, but only those who bought the expansions get new Career mode races on the new tracks.


Not for that price and quantity.

No to DLC tracks full stop unless something along the lines of PJ’s idea was implemented. I know alot of people play offline single player but there are also alot of us that play exclusively online. Paid track packs have always split the community and if we can’t use them in the public hoppers then for alot of players they are pointless.

Would definitely vote up something like PJ’s idea although it’s not very often that a common sense approach prevails in this industry!


Don’t have a twitter but I would say yes IF it was a fantasy type or fan favorite not in game type, and 25-35 money wise. No at the 50, that’s way too much.

Make it part of the VIP payment.

The free extra content like that has been making an impression in FPSes lately, with Halo 5 and Titanfall 2 releasing all new maps and game modes for multiplayer for free. Even if they made it so someone that owned the tracks could host private multiplayer sessions on them it would be a step up!

They need to do something though, if they can’t do more than recycle 3 and make one up in 2 years.

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Hell no, not at $50. That’s far too much for any DLC, given that that’s almost the price of the base game.


Not at that price no, i remember in Forza 3 where i didn’t have dlc so i couldn’t race with the lobby and had to wait for everyone to finish the race and hope the next one wasn’t dlc

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Yes. (Don’t have twitter)

But with a few reservations, me personally are not worried about 40/50 bucks for a DLC if it’s worth it. But that being said I would be pissed if the content was already partially present in the base game (looking at you, Destiny). But I’d think somewhere allong the lines of 30$ for 3 or 4 tracks (and maybe some extra cars to celebrate the release like they did with FM5 would be nice) seems like a fair price.

I mean what gamers don’t understand is that if they don’t pay the developers don’t have recources to make the DLC. Somehow gamers think they have the right to free DLC just because they purchased a base game (the frustration over forced microtransactions is a different matter). But Yes, I’d like to defend paying for DLC. I’d like the fact that paying a fair ammount for extra connent to extend it’s life span is a good thing, period. And i generally never was disapointed with T10 in that case.

Everyone’s saying “Not at that price!” But $10 a track seems pretty fair to be honest. I’d probably actually get more time out of my money on $10 of new tracks than I would on new cars.

So you’d buy the base game for $300+ then? That’d be a fair price by your estimation, yes?

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If they wanted to make a game with nothing but completely brand new tracks and completely brand new cars then they’d probably have to charge $300+ to cover the development costs. We’re talking about new content.