Poll: A “Trial’s-Eye” View

So each week there are discussions specifically focused on the player conduct during the Trial & there have also been some separate threads recently discussing actions & conduct during the Trial due to contact of various degrees.
I typically don’t even bother with the Trial bc of all the usual behavior most encounter, but with the weekly playlist exclusive car content being locked behind 40 points for this series, I end up running the Trial just for the points.
This week, I ran it with the Toyota FJ40, inspired by a @TonyKartRcr tune. Most of those in the race, had the larger trucks, which made it interesting. I actually got pushed out of a checkpoint in the second race by a much larger truck, but I really don’t feel like it was intentional, as they were following a typical line through the turn. If that person was driving in cockpit mode, or anything other that chase for that matter, I’m not going to be easy to see sitting technically in their “blind” spot, in a much smaller vehicle.
I drive exclusively in full cockpit mode & when you’re in the Trial, driving with your hair on fire, you’re likely not going to be scanning your side mirrors going into a turn. I try to watch the radar screen for other players, but if they are not in my immediate periphery, then I really don’t know how close they actually are if they are not directly behind me, which could potentially lead to unintended contact if I’m following my line & someone is close on the inside to the next turn.

So this made me wonder: what are the most frequently used camera views during gameplay? But all of this is also predicated on each player’s intent for conduct, which might also be interesting to vote on.
*(Disclaimer: I know I recently commented on the effectiveness of polls being questioned & the frequency of them, but this seemed like it might actually yield some interesting results, so please forgive my hypocrisy :smile:)

Which camera view do you use when racing?
  • Full Cockpit
  • Dash
  • Bumper
  • Chase close
  • Chase far
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What is your typical experience with other players in the Trial?
  • Total Wreckfest
  • There’s always one ruining it for everyone
  • I usually have a decent team
  • I don’t even bother to participate
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How do you conduct yourself in the Trial?
  • I only play to create as much chaos as possible
  • My nickname is “Corner-Bomber”
  • I try drive as respectfully as possible & podium if I can
  • I react negatively if anyone touches me
  • I hang back & let everyone else win the race for me
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How often do you participate in the Trial?
  • Daily
  • Weekly for the playlist only
  • Only if I’m desperate for points
  • Never, too much drama & risk
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Are you concerned with being falsely reported by vindictive players?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t play
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Played in bumper view in every game where it’s possible for years now.

It may not be morally right but I find it most practical to be prejudiced and assume any + every teammate will try something (unless it’s the very rare occasion where I get put in with someone I know).

It obviously won’t happen but it’s been said since FH4 that ghosted starts in the Trial would make such a difference, it would massively reduce the chaos + give enough time for separation between the humans depending on their respective skill levels.


I’ll feed this research :laughing:

Had to skip survey 2 :

I’m torn between all, call it

E : All of the Above (to degrees)

As for what might be one of the key data points, driving mode/view, I’d love to be Full Cockpit but have never found Forza friendly to it, for me. Between no real look around option, garbage mirrors, and a radar that is… inaccurate, to keep this polite, I can’t get comfortable with it in this game. Other games, most other games as far as I can recall, have been ok or better and I much prefer it for the immersion and more. But hey, here we are, so it’s Chase (far usually) for me so I have some situational awareness.

There is ONE vehicle class where I have to choose Cockpit view and practice that age old Italian racing rule (1) Talking about the BIG trucks where you can’t see at all in Chase view because of the height of the vehicle. So yeah, if I’m forced into one of those, I won’t see you, yield to me if I’m bigger :laughing: I should put a sign on the back to that effect !

(1) “What’s a behind you (or beside you, or under you :laughing: ) doesn’t a matter.”

Fun poll :slight_smile:


So I’m a weirdo. I play FH in chase close. I play FM from hood view as most cars have a poor field of vision and I wanted a consistent view from car to car. Plus playing from chase with a wheel can really mess you up. I need to switch hood view in FH5. I know it’s probably a little faster as well in hood, bumper or cockpit view.

Great topic though @Bravo437

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Thanks. Your comment made me realize I omitted “Hood” cam from the list & being a Poll, it won’t let me change it after the first 5 minutes :man_facepalming:t2: Sorry about that all. If hood is your view, please let us know in the comments.

Thanks. Was going to add your suggestion as well & the 5-minute rule got me there too, but appreciate the feedback :+1:t2:

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Gotta give you credit Gilles, don’t know you do that. I immediately feel like that guy strapped to the front of that car in Mad Max :joy:



Yeah, there’s been a lot of talk about Trial behavior lately. I wonder if others have just been getting bad ones. I just had that annoying disconnect 5 seconds before it would’ve told me we won.

But don’t let any of that distract you from the fact that Hector is gonna be running 3 Honda Civics with Spoon engines. And on top of that, he just came into Harry’s and he ordered three T66 turbos with NOS, and a MoTec system exhaust.

In all seriousness, I’ve always been a Chase Far guy. It’s just the way I play, always has been. I don’t think that will ever change, there’s no going back now :joy:

I usually do have a decent team, actually. Most of the time they are respectful, and decently fast racers. There are exceptions, like the Summer Trial where I got rammed from behind in a braking zone. Other than those rare exceptions, it’s usually pretty decent. I always drive as respectfully as I can, but still drive as fast as I normally would in Horizon Open to try and get a podium. But I don’t let that hurt my teammate’s races, as I know the ultimate goal is just beating the AI.


I usually have a good experience in the Trial beyond the first corner.

This season wasn’t one of those good experiences. A player in one of the big trucks did everything in his power to bully my 75 Bronco.
Tried to push me out of checkpoints, corner bombing and tried to push me off track into a tree but I hit the brakes.
That was all in the first race and then the second race he pitted me in a corner and I ended up facing the wrong direction.
I was disappointed I couldn’t catch up to him because I would have done everything in my power to spoil his race.

I should have recorded and reported him but didn’t feel like going through the hassle. It was done and over with so I moved on doing the rest of the playlist.


If I have issues in a Trial, it usually isn’t maliciousness so much as sheer incompetence. Attempting to carry one or two back-markers who seem physically unable to make it through even the simplest courses starts to wear on you. The only bit of satisfaction I get is when I’m blowing them away while in a bone-stock vehicle. Some Trials turn into chaos at the start, but I’ve also had plenty of easy clean wins.

As for view, I’m almost always in chase far. I’ll sometimes use cockpit for a bit of immersion in a singleplayer race, but I need as wide of a view as I can get during multi madness.


Camera view: normally I race in cockpit view, but for the playlist I switch to chase cam so that I can see what’s going on around me.

Experience of the Trial: generally good, but I’m not fast enough to keep up with the players who might cause problems, and I don’t try overtaking other players (no need so long as we’re ahead on points) unless my teammate makes a mistake of some sort.

Conduct: I’m in the race, but not typically interacting much with others. Usually, the fast players are too far ahead, and I’m ahead of, say, players in stock cars or inexperienced players.

Frequency: I’ve only just started bothering with the Trial in the past few months. There’s been one occasion when I did it twice because I wanted to try the car I’d originally intended to use, but switched to a different car for the first run.

False witness: no, no one’s likely to make false claims against me. As I said, I tend to trail behind out of harm’s way.

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I do the weekly trial purely for the points and normally try to fit it in before the w’end hits, as come the w’end, (from my experiance) it seems to become more hectic. (maybe rammers only race w’ends)

As a result, on the whole i normally have a relatively trouble free race, with most ramming etc coming from the AI.

If I can’t keep up with the front runners, then I usually hang back and act as a blocker to AI.

The poll made for expected reading but then i’ve never seen anyone admit to being a rammer/corner bomber, probably through fear of reprisal.

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Many people don’t think they are doing anything bad, but also many people are overthinking any contact.

Example for the former (and maybe latter too). I’ve posted some time ago link to reddit - now deleted - where that person shared a video of them “punishing a rammer”. Video showed that person (GREEN car) using cockpit cam. While going into left corner they had no chance to make that corner/overtake other player (BLUE car) without contact. Green hits blue (T-bone, but not very hard). They drive into next corner, right corner. Green changes cam to chase and we can see that blue car bumper is at his door level and if green car will continue to use that line blue will miss CP. Blue don’t want to lift which ends up in pushing, maybe de-sync pushing, green car and sending him into wall. As soon as they make past that corner blue moves to right side of the road to make space. Green steers into him, which fires blue car into tree. Green is happy about himself and posts on reddit :upside_down_face:
And that was upvoted, until few people in comments disagreed with OP.
Sorry for that wall of text, I wish that video was still available

Not to mention:

  • many people just follow their racing line, not caring about anything around them
  • Forza not teaching racing etiquette
  • using vastly different tunes, which causes massive corner speed difference

Camera view: Any other answer than “chase far” for (Forza Horizon) online is a bad answer. Period.

Experience of the Trial: Here I went with “decent team”, but I’m usualy to far in front to tell what is happening behind, so if someone is around they usually know what they are doing :upside_down_face: + my Frequency: is high, so my ratio is skewed. There is a lot of first corner bombers, but it is hard to tell when someone is doing it deliberately or not.

Conduct: My answer would be “I’m here for racing, always”. Completing the Trial is side achievement for me.

Frequency: Hundreds, thousands runs :wink: I like building cars and racing them.

False witness: Went with NO, but it is plausible to be falsely reported with how sensitive some people are. I personally have sent 2 videos: 1st one was with 2 griefers from the same club, they were not interested in winning at all; 2nd one with obvious rammer.

PS. Nice poll Bravo :heart:


Which is why it’s a totally anonymous poll & that normally let’s the truth out :wink:
FWIW: It’s good to see so far that the top response is “respectable driving”. I’m also seeing my suspicions were correct that I’m in the minority when it comes to cockpit view.

Great points Zip & on track with some of my initial thoughts that lead to this poll.

While I admit that there are certain vehicles that make driving in cockpit view extremely difficult due to the restricted view (the Pagani Huayra R is a perfect example below) I really still can’t understand the popularity of chase view above all else.
I feel like moving the view from the cockpit to exterior chase immediately turns the game from realism to arcade & you lose so much in the immersion & features of the car. The cockpit layout & instrumentation are the heart of the car for me & I enjoy the realism that comes with it. When it comes to new cars, one of the first things I look forward to is checking out the cockpit layout & instrumentation.
I think it definitely makes racing more challenging, but having only used this mode, I’m used to it & I feel like I put in some decent times as I’ve continued to improve.
I actually used to drive exclusively without the driving line as well bc I felt that impacted the realism of it, but eventually starting using it to help improve my driving lines overall & its just stayed. I guess it’s just whatever feels right to you, which is why it’s nice the game has all of those options available.

I mean no disrespect to you at all, but this IS an arcade game. It’s a game that actively encourages you to yeet your car off a jump for hundreds of feet to complete a stunt challenge, that contains absurd showcase events, that even when it’s in a race has no qualifying, no damage (unless you’re insane enough to enable it just for yourself), and almost no consequences. If this was a proper sim title I’d never leave cockpit view, but it’s anything but.


In all seriousness, I’ve never referred to the game as a “sim” & my references relate to the immersion of the in car experience & realism as it relates to accurate modeling of the cars that are used. It’s obviously beyond the limits of reality when it comes to physics, etc, which is to be expected & understood.
As a RL pilot, I’ve spent a lot of time playing MS Flight Simulator & I’m that person that will be in the King-Air 350 cockpit, on the ramp going through a full interactive preflight start-up to taxi sequence, selecting every switch, setting ground/tower frequencies, nav waypoints etc :smile:

Have you ever played EliteDangerous by chance ?

That was the game that i used to play and that has the best flight model that I’ve experienced in a game so far. The camera mode in that one is cockpit too so you need to be aware of the size of the ship in all aspects from take off to combat, mining, docking, or landing. Sadly they changed the core game from a space sim cade to more of a fps ala noman sky and star citizen and that’s not what im into and why i left it.

In this game it’s chase far always though for better awareness

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