Please Try again

hi so does anyone else have Forza Horizon 4 and get message about Horizon 4 taking to long start, so tonight it has been the worst im up to around 6 trys to try and load the game, digital deluxe edition on xbox one X, sometimes it may take 3-5 goes then it finally starts but tonight is the worst, does anyone know why this happens, i can hard reset again and try that, tonight is the worst and thats why i need to vent and ask. do enjoy the game when it loads :slight_smile: thanks

Does the “syncing data” thing pop up but never actually finish syncing data? Cause I had that happen, game was stuck loading/syncing data for almost half an hour before I realized my Xbox auto-dimming due to inactivity was interrupting the sync process. Turned off “show me things when idle” and set dim screen to never and finally got the game going.

Not sure if this applies to you…

I have a couple of Xbox 1 X units and the only time I have seen something similar is when having hard drive issues. I was able to temporarily resolve the problem by uninstalling/reinstalling the game. However, eventually the hard drive gave out and I had to send it in. I sent it to Microsoft for repairs and did eventually get it back. (hence, 2 Xboxs)

I have since purchased an external SSD Drive that I store all FORZA stuff on. The game(s) load much faster; however, a lot of activity is handled in the “cloud” and that is limited to your network connection. I still think the SSD Drive was worth the $100 just for the increased loading times.

Good luck!