Playground Games are certainly the worst multiplayer experience possible

  • Start outnumbered because matchmaking is bad more than half of the time.
    If you are an unlucky lad like i, 8 rounds out of 10 (i’m not exaggerating) you will start outnumbered, condemning you to be defeated right on start except on very rare occasions.
    Try to have fun with that.

  • No car level taken into account when matchmaking : You can be the single one with A 800 with a full team of A 701 cars against a team full of A 800

  • XP/CR are absolutely rubbish considering the painful 30 minutes to play these so called “games” and get a miserable reward.

  • Extremely repetitive

Absolutely EVERYTHING about Playground Games is flawed.
Worst thing is : it was exactly the same in FH4, they corrected nothing, they touched nothing.

… And yet they STILL FORCE you to play this broken game mode to get exclusive rewards, accolades and festival playlist points.

I don’t understand how anyone from the quality control department greenlighted that part of the game. I really don’t.

I think they are just too darn long. Like you said it is 30 minutes to play them and basically all the games are a flavor of “use your car to touch other cars.” One thing they did improve was removing the need to win the event for the festival playlist. One only needs to participate since the mid life of FH4.

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So I got 2player AFK in my side untill the game finished 3 round because they dont need to do anything anymore.
It is 4 v 5 and I got 1 player using untuned car vs 5 A800 tuned

After FH3 they listened to too many people and made it the terrible experience it is today. Should have left it as it was with FH2 and FH3 with some minor tweaks to skill point multipliers and check-in points.

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  • Outnumbered because of matchmaking
    I agree with this one, it’s extremely unfair to be on a team of 4 people playing against one person. It’s not fun at all at that point.

  • No car level matchmaking
    If your car level is below the maximum for that class, that’s your decision. I find that the mode relies much more on skill than whether or not your car is slightly faster.

  • xp/cr rewards not good
    I’m here to have fun, not grind xp/credits. If you’re using this game mode to do so, you’re doing something wrong. This is and most likely will remain a very casual game mode, and I prefer it that way.

  • Repetitive
    I admit that it can get repetitive sometimes. I usually switch my usual car or expand into one of the lower classes. Though, even after doing this, I’ve mostly transitioned into the Eliminator. It would be nice if we got something to make it not as repetitive.

  • “forcing” you to play it
    Nobody’s making you get all the accolades. Even if you want to 100% them anyway, you just do them once and then you’re done for the rest of the game’s lifetime. The Festival Playlist is different, where you do it every week to get the rewards but even then it’s at most 45 minutes every week, which really isn’t much. And again, nobody’s forcing you to do them.

Overall, it is a fairly good casual game mode. Yes, it needs some improvements, but it is certainly not the worst of all multiplayer modes or as bad as it could be. I think it’s a good addition to the game and the game would be worse off without it.

Did they ever fix the bug from FH4 where sometimes you would have to sit for several minutes before the round would end and show the scoreboard? I’ve been playing some FH4 playground games today and that terrible bug is still there.

FullNietzsche, I haven’t encountered that bug yet, so hopefully.

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I have nothing positive to say so yes it’s bad

I agree, they are zero fun. The worst thing about it is that there is no auto refill of teammates. Most of the time you lose some of your mates and by the end it’s like 2 versus 5 - completely pointless. And if u end up as the last player in the team, the game just crashes. It’s absurd I have no words for this.

I don’t like the 1 and done format. I like the voting for the next round plus it gave you time for restroom break if needed or grab another beer or something.

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To improve multiplayer they should of

  1. Had car index matching, to be more fair
  2. mic system up and available to trash talk.
  3. remove hard borders during multiplayer and replace with soft ones. Now you’re forced to take corners correctly.
  4. Have weekend match making filters. This allows to race that class constantly if you please.
  5. 2 player coops for elimination. This allows you to play with your friends.
  6. fix the car index system, I feel like they guessed on this one.
  7. A multiplayer mode that has red vs blue racing. 6V6 no holds bar. You won’t be penalized for crashing or hitting a wall. Do what ever it takes to win.
  8. same as 7 but clean racing.
  9. more time to pick a car for that online racing
  10. with more time, you’ll be able pick one of your saved tunes. Maybe my mustang gt500 has a drift tune, circuit tune and a Sprint tune. This would let me pick before a race starts
  11. for multiplayer they should have a mode for preset tunes from Forza and certain cars that meet certain criterias. Ex.

70- 80s racing nights. You own the car great! Here’s your rented tune. You don’t have the car no problem here rent a car for 25,000$ with tune. Japanese cars only.

World sprints- Cars from late 60s to 70s. All around the world, have a mode with personal tunes and one with locked Forza tunes.

Time machine races- all the older cars before the 50s

Idk I can keep going. Lock different cars based on region ( or mix), different classes, your tunes , locked tunes for different races. The Forza lock tunes can also be pick by driving style. Handling focused, speed focused, and acceleration focused, but most importantly it’s almost kept around the same index.
Instead of having 30-45secs to start a race it will give you 1min and 15secs. This allows you to look for a car and think about it. Pick a locked tune, pick one of your personal saved or downloaded tunes.

I feel like PG hired a bunch of bugger filled rear kissing young adults to run around looking for ideas. Then during presentation to confirm the modes,layouts, and the Grand idea of it all, the big guy asked is this good? They all went ahead and clapped and said yes without anyone opposing with better ideas in fear of loosing their job. Hope my gammer is understandable I just had to write this super fast during my break lol.

For me, Eliminator is a worse experience, but hey…

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This was my great experience last week…


I have to say I find no enjoyment in Playground Games. I play them enough to get my weekly points (which I am obliged to do if I want to earn the exclusive reward cars) and then I don’t touch them at all again until the next week rolls around.

I continue to be baffled about the reasoning for forcing players to play content they don’t like.

I understand this isn’t the same kind of game as Gran Turismo or Project Cars or whatever. Some over-the-topness and silly shenanigans is expected. But I enjoyed the series more when it was a bit more about the joy of racing in fun, exotic open world environments, and less about smashing cars together in frustrating online modes.

I don’t mind the occasional ‘race a plane or a train or a hovercraft’ challenges. Silly fun. Reminds me of Top Gear.

I can handle the danger sign, speed trap, and speed zone challenges. They’re about driving. I don’t love the drift stuff, but I have to admit it makes sense in a car game that emphasizes tuning.

But I could really do without the playground games and monotony of Forthazon Arcade. And I’m SUPER unenthused about Eliminator. Would super super SUPER love it if none of those were part of the weekly playlist.

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I personally don’t mind having to play the playground games each week for the 5 or so points, what really annoys me is the horrible design of the playing areas.

This week in the PGG it was at EK Balam or whatever - the temples in the swamp in the bottom right corner of the map. The hitboxes of said temples are ATROCIOUS - they are sometimes 5% larger than the physical corner of the temple, meaning I try to cut as close as I can to the temple I can see, just to be stopped in my tracks by an invisible wall and lose the king, or get infected.

And this isnt just this temple one, I’d say all of the play areas have some sort of stupid hitboxes that don’t line up with the physical object I can see. The airport is probably less noticeable as the obstacles are not as big as other areas.

Unlike some of you I actually enjoy all of those playground game mode thingys like infect other players, flag rush etc. It’s my favourite thing to do on the festival chore list.

Only thing I can’t stand is how alone you feel playing in online.
Very rare I see anyone else and even more rare is any traffic.
I don’t know if I’m alone in this but I could be driving around this map for hours without encountering any other car.
The choice between offline and online doesn’t work as I selected offline and had dumb cars all the same as mine crashing in to me in free roam so went to go online again but still had them driving round like I hadn’t chose online.

i don’t really see the problem since you don’t need to win to complete the playlist. if you are outnumbered then just surrender to other team easiest and fastest way to complete playground.

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People want to PLAY the fking game. To have fun.
Not meaningless wasting 2-30min
and have to do it every week


So does that mean Playground games will win best multiplayer experience 2022 award or have they already wonnered it?