Pit Bug - Impossible to Finish Race


I used to be pretty high on FM5 leaderboards and faster than Unbeatable AI, but when I started into FM6 I’ve evidently lost my groove pretty badly. Maybe it’s where I used to drive via controller and now am using a wheel, so I’ve been running longer races with the intention of focusing on getting a better feel for Forza with a wheel.

A while ago I went to run twenty-five laps of Lime Rock Park. With previous runs of fifteen laps at Sebring (full), twenty at Sonoma (full), and twenty or twenty-five at Brands Hatch (full), my fuel ran low but tires were still great, but on this Lime Rock run I started getting warnings that my front left tire was shot. At the end of lap eighteen I dive for the pits, having lapped the field at least once and almost everyone at least twice, so I had a comfortable buffer to pit. My fuel gets topped off and tires replaced, and then my car squeals dragging along an invisible obstacle at like 0.1 MPH, losing so much time that I’m falling from comfortable first to last and still hadn’t made it out of pit lane yet, and tires went from new to 100% wear, without even leaving pit lane.

I was pretty upset. It’s not the end of the world, especially as I’m such a die-hard Forza fan, but it did ruin my night. I lost twenty-some minutes, but I guess that seems trivial compared to 8.5 hours lost in an attempt at the real-time 24 Hours of Le Mans in Project CARS due to lack of mid-race save feature, and twenty-some hours of general progress lost in CARS by having to restart after a game save corruption. It’s still a bit upsetting, though. Disappointment aside, this is a critical bug that needs squashed.

No response? Nobody? Maybe I had too much back-story. I’ll try to just get straight to the issue.

Pit at Lime Rock Park, car gets fuel and tires, car gets stuck on invisible obstacle and takes several minutes squealing tires down pit lane at 0.01 MPH, and several minutes later, just partially further down pit road, tires reach 100% wear before ever even making it off pit lane. Nobody knows if exiting the pit lane would be measured in tens of minutes, in hours, or if it’s even possible, but we do know you’re going to be several laps down in last place.