Bug report.

I just completed an endurance race, I am currently quite annoyed (in a polite term), I have discovered a few major bug that occurred to me. First of all towards 20 minutes in the race, the rewinds stopped showing the rewind and only showed a loading screen a teleportated to a previous location with the camera in a weird angle which is hard to go on from that since you can’t see what’s in front of you. Later when I actually went to the pit for fuel. After that the rewinds got even worse. I couldn’t activate it till I drove a certain distance. When it activated I lost almost half a lap and I lost one to two minutes per rewinds I had to use. When I was neer the end (34th lap on 35) I saw a car ahead of me pull in into the pits, I spun out and got hit by a lower class racer that I just past. Then I tried rewinding, I was about 3/4 of the 35th lap done then it rewinded me before the other guy went in the pits. I kept on driving and he didn’t pull in the pits like before. I suspect that the game registered the car as fueled and left it on the circuit. Because of that I could only finish in 3rd after one hour and yen minutes from what the game says but with buggy rewinds it actually took closser to two hours.

I have saved and shared the replay if you’d like to sit through the full race following the AI’s to see if they actually refuel often enough for it not to be a bug.

Gamertag: B2Pprod
Clip name: BUG!!!

Hopefully this gets fixed if not endurance racing is going to be quite harder than others and not only by the time and concentration required.


2008 Mitsubuishi Lancer Evo, When upgraded to Race Turbos, actually DECREASES PI by 3, does not increase the horse power or torque, and Actually slows down the 0-60, 0-100, and top speed of the to .2 seconds SLOWER and multiple miles/hour SLOWER than the STOCK CAR. SOMETHING IS CLEARLY NOT RIGHT. PLEASE FIX IN UPDATE!!

Unfortunately the rewind bugs have been around since FM5 and is just a small part of the long list of issues that still remain in FM6 :frowning:

As for the turbo thing, take a look at the weight of the car before and after. Quite often it’s the added weight of some intercooler/oil upgrades which cause a drop in PI as the power to weight ratio is actually made worse.