Rewind Bug

Let me just go step by step with what happens:

I go to free play
I turn off all assists (except for rewind)
I set a 50 lap race in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
I enter the race in an Indy car
I do about 20 laps, then I crash
I press Y to rewind but nothing happens
I keep pressing Y but still nothing happens
I drive angrily to the pits, then the car gets fixed and I go on my way
I hit Y out of curiosity and it rewinds me back through the pits and back 7 laps

Yup. Happens in the endurance showcases as well, clearly has to do with the longer races.

It seems like after a certain length of time the rewind feature is reduced to certain “checkpoints” around the track or at certain points in time. Near the end of the Le Mans 250 showcase I noticed that I would be able to rewind in more or less the exact same spot every time, and given that I crippled my car once or twice I’d venture a guess that it’s location based. Rewinding a little past Tertre Rouge will take you all the way back before Dunlop Curve, between Mulsanne and Indianapolis will take you back to just before the second chicane on the straight, and rewinding past Maison Blanche will take you back before the Porsche Curves, or sometimes all the way back to Arnage. Between these sections the rewind doesn’t work usually, although it’s functional about 30% of the time on the sections that aren’t covered by one of these “rewind sectors”.(Ford Chicane, for example).

Been like this since rewinds were introduced.

Hmmm. Thats odd.

Were any cars (AI) in the pits?

I don’t think that the Indy Oval has any rewind gaps. But seems in the endurance races anytime a car is the pits there is no rewinding.

Some of the drivatars enter the pits occasionally lol…

Wishlist AliHashbrown., WISHLIST LOL

I had the same issue this morning on nordshleife endurance, I got 3 laps in fine and then suddenly I had a bump went to rewind and nothing. I was just passed the carousel I believe and I had to limp it to the pits. It still didn’t allow me to rewind at all till 3/4 round the GP section of nurburgring. But then when I could rewinD something really strange happened. It rewound literally metres back, but didn’t rewind like normal, just had like a brief loading screen then camera angle was skewiff. So when I resumed the camera had to spin round the car causing me to crash. Almost every time I rewound.