Very frustrating bug

Hey! Yesterday i did a showcase event which was racing over circuit le man the la sarthe. It was over 250miles i guess, 30 rounds a total of 1 hour and 52 minutes nonstop highspeed racing.
Then once i finish as first, the game crashed.

I bought a 300.000cr modpack, its gone and i wasted almost 2 hours racing for literally nothing.

I really really hope that maybe some staff can find any kind of saved data on my account about that race and still give me the credits and xp i get from that race. Because i basically did it for the 270.000cr and the huge ammount of driver xp you can get from completing it.

I have a photo i took with my Phone the second i got first and my best lab time was displayed on the screen and then the screen got black and the game crashed itself.

I do not recommend anybody to do those showcase events because your game will probably crash when you finish and all of your hard work will be for nothing…