LeMans 250 endurance race crashed after completing the 3 hour 38 minute race!

I’ve had this game crash a couple times on me but none more infuriating then this!

I wanted to get some credits and spins so I picked one of the longer endurance races. Sit down and race for 3 hours and 38 minutes straight and at the end the game made a robot noise and sat at the finish screen for about 1 minute and took me back to the xbox control menu. I relaunched forza and it did not register me as completing the LeMans 250!!

I had this happen to me last night finished Nurburgring got long haul achievement then it randomly restarted without giving me anything !!!

Here’s a kicker for you, one year later that is still happening! Here got the freeze, 30 seconds showing my best lap time and boom back to Xbox main screen. Not the time racing that’s frustrating, is that it did not register the race and lost tons of XP and CR with the mods gone too! How can the game register you used the mods but don’t give you credit for the race… Ah well, guess they never patched whatever is causing that.