Photo Mode Accolades

Photo Mode Accolades added with Series 21

Get My Good Side Take a photo standing outside any car 250
The Rule of 3 Take a photo using the Grid Guideline 250
Juuuuust Right Take a photo using any Guidelines 3 times 250
Selfie time! Take a photo with portrait mode with your character outside of any car 250
My New Wallpaper Take a photo using portrait mode 250
Artistic Vision Save a preset in Photo Mode 250
Early Bird Take a photo at Dawn, Sunrise, Morning 250
Shot in the Dark Take a photo at Sunset, Evening and Night 250
Timeless Take a photo at every time setting 500
Keeping Dry Take a photo with the weather set to Clear 250
Embracing Nature… Take a photo with the weather set to Light Precipitation, Heavy Precipitation. 250
Haven’t the Foggiest Take a photo with the weather set to Fog 250
Action Shot Take a photo with wheel tilt enabled. 250
Lights, Camera… Take a photo while using the [Jazz Hands] emote (Known Issue - try Jump On It / Macarena) 250
No Matter the Weather Photograph any Rally Monster with weather set to Heavy Precipitation 250
When it Rains Take a photograph with Heavy Precipitation at the Horizon Wild Outpost 250
Almost Night Rider Photograph a 1977 Pontiac TRANS AM in the Dunas Blancas at Sunset 250

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OK… umm, so, the “NEW” Photo Effects Mode enhancements (emote, driver out of car, ???) are NOT available/usable in the Garage and Forzavista ? WHY ! ? :roll_eyes:


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Looking forward to testing some of this out.

Save a preset in Photo Mode it does not work. I hit save and the preset loads when I go back into photo mode but the accolade doesn’t count.

Emote accolade wont for me and ive taken a couple photos dif cars, spots on the map, character position

The “Lights, Camera” Accolade not working with Jazz Hands has been logged as a Known Issue in the Troubleshooting Hub.

Until a fix is deployed, the current workaround is to use the emote in the menu that appears just after Jazz Hands - Jump on It for some players or Macarena for others.